7 Unconventional Souvenirs to Bring Back Home from China

7 Unconventional Souvenirs to Bring Back Home from China

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Authentic Chinese Chopsticks

chinese chopsticks
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In your quest for an authentic, unique souvenir to get back home from the noodle land, you might want to consider a pair of chopsticks. No, not just any chopsticks, but a pair of authentic chopsticks made of wood or bamboo – yeah, those are the real deal. Known as “Kuaizi” in Chinese, you can also get chopsticks made of metal, ivory, plastic and so on, but if it’s got to be typically Chinese, it’s got to be the bamboo or wooden ones.

A Bottle of Moutai

If you have a thing for fine, exquisite liquor; and if you’re willing to spend a decent amount of money on a quality souvenir, a glistening bottle of Maotai liquor is what you need. Known to be one of the best known brands of “Baijiu” or Chinese liquor, this legendary drink is produced in the town of Maotai, in China’s Guizhou province. Interestingly, Maotai is officially known to be China’s ‘National Liquor’ – the only alcoholic liquor presented as an official gift by Chinese emabassies. P.S: Maotai is considered as China’s most expensive domestic spirit! Well, an added fact to boast about, back home!

Chinese Calligraphies and Paintings

China is a country that boasts of the oldest art traditions in the world. There is something about Chinese paintings which gives out a very soothing and serene feel to the eye, thereby making them an excellent souvenir to take back home. These traditional paintings are usually created using the same technique as calligraphy, making use of brushes dabbed in ink, on silk or paper. In majority of these paintings, you’ll see charming themes like landscapes, flowers, birds and human figures. While you’re at it, you could also try picking up an authentic calligraphy set.

Chinese Pickle

Chinese pickles
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Foodies will literally swear by this particular Chinese souvenir! Asians tend to take their pickles rather seriously, and any meal is considered practically incomplete without some tangy, salty, spicy pickle to go with it! While in China, literally anything and everything can be pickled – be it vegetables like cabbage, lettuce, cucumber, turnips, carrots, or even stems and roots like garlic, ginger, peanuts, radish, and lotus root. So take back home some tantalizing Chinese pickle and re-live the flavours of China!

Chinese Tea and a Teapot

Do NOT make the mistake of going all the way till China and returning back home without at least a suitcase full of exotic varieties of the world-famous Chinese tea! When it comes to tea, keep calm and trust the Chinese – they are the ones who invented tea, and tea plays a phenomenal role in Chinese culture. Right from black tea to oolong tea, to scented tea, brick tea, green tea and what not, there are a plethora of incredible teas that are bound to win over any tea connoisseur’s heart. While you’re there, you might also want to pick up a traditional Chinese teapot made of clay or porcelain, to go along with your tea!

Jade Jewellery

Perhaps there’s no other Chinese souvenir that can do justice to Chinese culture, than traditional jewellery made of jade. Famously known as “Yu” in China, jade is a shimmering green gemstone that has been deep-rooted in Chinese culture for centuries, and has been the most popular gemstone in China for years. This stunning gemstone symbolises courage, honesty, beauty, power, wisdom, and compassion, and apparently, also holds tremendous healing properties.

Chinese Décor

Besides souvenirs and gifts, something entirely unique that you can take back home is a head full of Chinese/Asian décor ideas! China is known world over for its distinct, exquisite décor, which instantly evokes a serene, tranquil, zen-like feel. In a life where we’re constantly in a never-ending rush, coming back to a peaceful, Asian-themed home can seem heavenly! Traditional Chinese décor with tones of red, gold, jade and lavish purple, are bound to give your home that regal and opulent look. If you can’t bring your home to China, bring back a slice of China to your home!