8 Paris Cafés Every Instagram Buff Should Visit

8 Paris Cafés Every Instagram Buff Should Visit

Paris Cafes
The cobbled streets, cozy neighbourhoods, and the quintessential Parisian boulevards with broad terraces are undoubtedly some of the world’s best spots for cafés and coffee shops. Whether you want to curl up with a book inside a cozy café, or get some tan and wine on a sunny terrace, or just watch Paris go by from the comfort of a charming pavement café, nothing gets more classically French than spending some time at the city’s myriad dreamy cafes.

Here are 8 cafes in Paris that are an Instagramer’s delight

1. Café Odette

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Somewhere along the cute cobbled streets of Paris’s Latin quarter, you will find Odette. In Odette, you will find some of the best Choux Pastries (Cream Puffs) in Paris. Though the café is relatively new as compared to its other counterparts on this list (it opened in 2013), its quintessential Art deco design and music selection will teleport you back to the 1920s. Sit here with an espresso and a few choux, and think of the good life in Paris.

2. Merci Used Book Café

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Book lovers, this one is for you! A used book store cum café, here’s where you can dive into a treasure of over 10,000 books! You can spend hours and hours here – find your cozy spot, and read your favourite book, while sipping on some freshly-brewed coffee and munching on their selection of muffins, scones, bagels, and cakes.

3. Café de Flore

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The best possible place to watch Paris go by! With a history of over 130 years (it opened in 1980), Café de Flore is a legend in itself – its interiors remain unchanged (they still sport a classy red seating, mahogany and mirrors), and it is one of the oldest coffee houses in Paris. Back in the day, it was a hot-spot for famous writers, politicians, intellectuals, philosophers, and painters - Georges Bataille, Robert Desnos, Léon-Paul Fargue, Raymond Queneau, and Pablo Picasso to name a few! The café has also appeared in numerous movies and songs. Don’t miss visiting this living legend!

4. Shakespeare and Company

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This one is a Parisian landmark that has been running since 1919, bursting with antiquity and charm! Originally a book store (still is), Shakespeare and Company expanded into a tiny café in 2015, blessing people with two ingredients that had been missing since its inception – coffee and lemon pie! Gaze at the Notre Dame from their terrace while you feast on the cafe's literature-inspired fare – be it the Cather in Rye bread or a sandwich called The Bun also Rises (!).

5. Le Consulat

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While you’re ambling about in Montmartre, you cannot NOT stumble across the decades-old Le Consulat café, standing cute on a cobbled street with its indomitable vintage charm. Accentuating the charm is the delectable French cuisine served here, along with French wines and other amazing beverages. Also, the fact that famous people visited this café in the 19th century – Picasso, Sisley, Van Gogh, Toulouse-Lautrec and Monet, adds to its charm!

6. Au Vieux Paris

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Make your way to 24 Rue Chanoinesse, only to arrive at one of the cutest cafés in all of Paris! Here’s where you can soak in summer with a glass of sparkling French wine, while seated by the café’s iconic wine-clad exterior and cozy, and it’s pavement lined with a couple of violet coloured, vintage tables and chairs. With its existence as a café since the 18th century, this place oozes of history, and it might indeed be the most charming café in Paris – so miss it not!

7. La Maison Rose

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La Maison Rose – the ‘Pink House’. The cuteness of this pink coloured café is hard to ignore. You’ll spot it on a cobbled lane, in the heart of Paris’s Montmartre neighbourhood. The café has a very intriguing history behind it, and as per legend, Pablo Picasso loved frequenting this café back in the day! Read More: 3 Days in Paris!

8. Le Petit Moulin

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With just a few tables inside and a few that scatter over onto the pavement outside, this tiny little bistro will win your heart with its quirkily painted exterior walls, that don’t seem to disrupt the traditional feel and laid-back vibe of a quintessential French café. Savour some typical Parisian fare here, along with a lush glass of wine, fresh from the bistro’s tiny wine cellar.

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