8 places that are cheaper to visit than buying the iPhone 7

8 places that are cheaper to visit than buying the iPhone 7

8_places_that_are_cheaper_to_visit_than_buying_the_iPhone_ 7
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It is safe to say, even the planet next to ours is now aware that the new iPhone 7 was launched last week! And, fans are lining up outside the stores in hordes to buy the latest Apple offering. As travel aficionados, who live and breathe travel, we have come up with the list of destinations where you can travel to, instead of buying the new iPhone 7. In most of the cases, you can visit these stunning destinations in lesser than the price of the smartphone!

Here are some of the places you can explore under the cost of an iPhone 7(AED 3510):-

France – 4 days and 3 nights tour

Paris, France. The city of love
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AED 1765

Indulge yourself in the ‘City of Love’, on your own and also learn the delicate art of French cooking in a guided class in this package; all of these in less than half the price of the brand new iPhone 7. With all the spare change, enjoy the food and the various moods of the eclectic French capital city.

Armenia- 3 days and 2 nights tour

Armenia: The small country with a big heartAED 1816

In this short and sweet tour of Armenia, you will get the chance to visit the oldest museum in the world, the Matenadaran Museum- known for being the most ancient and well endowed library in the world. Explore this amazing country and get an insight into one of the oldest civilizations on the planet – at almost half the cost of the iPhone 7. This small mountainous country is surely going to take your heart away.

Thailand- 11 days and 10 nights tour

Thailand: The land of magic and elephantsAED 3178

Finally, here is your chance to explore the country famous for its warmth and beaches. In the truly ‘Best of Thailand’ tour, you get a chance to stay in the most exciting cities in Thailand- Phuket, Chiang Mai, Pattaya and Bangkok. Varied and different guided tours like ‘elephant at work’ tour and coral island tour take you along a journey to the heart of the country. That is not all, you also get a chance to attend the world renowned Fantasea and Siam Niramit shows- showcasing the wonderful splendor of Thailand in an unmatched beautiful way.

Singapore- 6 day and 5 nights tour

Singapore: Asia truly capturedAED 2939

Singapore welcomes you and your kids with open arms in this ‘kid-friendly’ tour. Included in this tour is a visit to the Singapore Zoo where more than 3,000 different animals in their natural habitats help you reconnect with your wild side. Your stay at Sentosa islands includes meetings with friendly dolphins and seals at the Underwater World. A visit to the world’s largest aquarium and many more incredible places await you.

Italy- 6 days and 5 nights tour

Italy: The country of dreamsAED 3005

Your dream of visiting the beautiful vistas of Italy are finally going to come true with this ‘Delightful moments’ package. You get to stay in the historic Naples and Sorrento. And enjoy the informative and thorough guided tours of 4 different and beautiful Italian towns including the historic town of Pompeii which got buried when Mt. Vesuvius erupted in 1900 years ago. This tour is bound to be full of delightful moments and source of life long memories.

Spain- 8 days and 7 nights tour

Spain: One of the most beautiful countries in the worldAED 2539

See the heart of Spain in this ‘sensational Spanish’ escapade package. You get a chance to stay in the timeless beautiful towns of Madrid, Cordoba, Seville, Granada, Barcelona. Learn and live in the world famous cities of Barcelona & Madrid in private guided city tours. The famous Guadalquivir river cruise- helps you discover Seville from a unique river perspective full of amazing views.

Australia- 7 days and 6 nights tour

Australia: A country unlike anyAED 3298

Australia in all its otherworldly grandeur welcomes you in this tour where you spend 3 nights in Gold Coast and 3 nights in Sydney. The experiences you indulge in range from dolphin sighting tours, winery visits, a full day visit to the biggest theme park in Gold Coast and a choice between either Sea World-A marine park housing mermaids and whales or Movie world theme park. This sure is going to be a fun ride mate!

New Zealand- 5 day and 4 nights tour

New-Zealand: Where dreams turn realAED 2554

Who does not want to go for the “Best of North New Zealand” tour? You get to stay in the jaw-dropping beautiful towns of Auckland and Bay Of Islands. You get to enjoy a guided tour to the Waitangi Treaty Grounds- a place which shaped up the nation of New Zealand and a scenic ‘Hole in the Rock and Cape Brett’ cruise- where the friendly dolphins might drop in to say a cheerful hello.

In fact, you can stay for 2 nights in the glitzy Carlton palace hotel in Dubai and left with spare change, in the same amount of money it costs to buy the new Apple earphones- AIRPODS.

So what will you choose, a whole new set of potentially life-changing experiences or that shiny new iPhone 7? Tell us below in the comments.