8 Reasons why you wouldn’t forget the 90s Road Trip

8 Reasons why you wouldn’t forget the 90s Road Trip

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When love was as innocent as Forest Gump’s, friends were as insane as Lloyd and Harry from Dumb and Dumber, video games were about an Italian plumber fighting with more than dozens of people to rescue Princess Peach (remember, Mario!) and craziest of them all, was having animated conversations about road trips with friends.

Planning and executing the road trips was as challenging as launching a ‘space shuttle’ almost. Involved a lot of planning, hectic searches for maps, food items being packed, KODAK films being bought to clicks pics and most importantly, noting it all down in a thick notebook. 

Let’s take you on a nostalgic ride to relieve the Road Trip memories of the 90s.



Planning a road trip involved participation of everyone. It was more about gathering the information from whatever source we had like magazine, books and getting help from the experienced fellow travellers. Now, Google is actually a click away and all planning is done in a matter of minutes!



The millennials will be lost for words, when asked about ‘paper maps’? Yeah, paper map you heard me right, reading paper maps were much more interesting as you could backpack it anywhere along with you and would be filled with red marks, dots or at times, torn at the end of the trips. There were chances of getting lost or taking the wrong route but that was just making the trip even better and memorable.



I agree, the discman of the 90s didn’t have the capacity of storing songs or the long battery backup of an IPod but carrying a Walkman or Discman with a giant wallet of cd’s along with few extra batteries and listening to Nirvana, Guns N’ Roses, Green Day, Backstreet Boys was an experience you would never forget.  



Those massive cameras with the reel which had a capacity of capturing 24 perfect picture at the perfect time. The excitement to view our photographs after getting the reels developed was unlike any other. It was a decade which was less known to the selfies and had lesser number of so called ‘photographers’. The mobile phone camera weren’t that advanced and DLSR cameras weren’t the in-thing in the market, then!



The 90s generation had tough time managing the cash, as Debit Card/ Credit card weren’t in vogue back then. The days of carrying cash wherever we travelled was the only option. Paying for gas, foodstuff, shopping and other stuff was all done in a currency so rarely seen nowadays, cash. There was always a risk of losing the cash or it getting stolen, so we had to come up with creative ways of hiding cash.



We would be shocked to know that gas was so cheaper in 90s that you could have visited the same place twice in a day’s price. Road trips weren’t planned taking the budget in consideration in 90s, but now we need to rethink twice before even planning a road trip because the gas prices have rocketed to the sky.



Getting in touch with loved ones where ever you go around the world now has become very easy. The onslaught of smartphones armed with social networking sites like Facebook, Whatsapp, and Viber has transformed the game, completely. Payphones were the only option back then, for staying in touch with your loved ones when you were away from your home.  



Notebooks were used to keep track of the routes, food joints, gas, cash spent, important phone numbers, addresses and the smallest information regarding the road trip. But now, notebooks have been replaced by laptops, smartphones, tablets and the ilk.