International Men’s Day – 8 type of men you will meet on...

International Men’s Day – 8 type of men you will meet on the road

Men that travel
Dreamer, spiritual seeker, party animal or a foodie - there is a destination for every kind of man. This International Men's Day, we have narrowed down a list of 8 type of men you will meet on the road. So if you love adventure or like to delve deep down into the pages of history - we have got the best places for you that suits your style of travel!

1. Mountain lover

best destination for mountain lover
The Pacific Crest Trail
“The mountains are calling and I must go.” – John Muir
Standing on a cliff with the wind in your hair and swearing by each word of Muir, you are definitely a mountain guy. Working round the clock, meeting deadlines – a little break up in the mountains will do no harm! Find some fresh air and inspiration in the hiking trails of Peru ( Inca Trail), or challenge yourself in the Torres Del Paine ‘W’ Circuit and treat your eyes to some of the best sights that Patagonia has to offer. Stretching from Mexico to Canada through the states of America, the Pacific Crest Trail redefines wilderness. A regular name in the bucket list of many, this trail is an arduous one, you will pass through 7 national parks, State Parks, and plenty of national forests. Pack your essentials; the mountains are calling!

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2. The water baby

top destinations for travelling men
Zakynthos Island, Greece
A social animal and a conversation starter - if you belong to this category of men then you surely love beaches, or any water body for that matter! Relax on a beach in Maldives, with miles and miles of blue crystal-clear water, or get your tan on by the shores of Seychelles. Scuba dive and explore the underwater museum of Cancún, Mexico, or brush up your swimming skills in the stunning caves of Zakynthos Island, Greece. Pristine blue or gushing white; still or flowing, water has a powerful effect on your mind and senses. This International Men's Day, head out with your boy gang to your favourite destination and get your share of fill!

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3. Party animal 

Best party destination
Brandenburg Gate, Berlin
When the word ‘party’ comes to mind, your mind runs to Las Vegas – the Sin City. Won’t argue on that! However, there are many more haute party destinations that are equally fun and entertaining. You, along with your boy gang, can head to Mexico City and be rest assured to party your heart out in the best bars and clubs that the city has to offer! Another awesome place to let your hair down, is Barcelona. The city is full of energy and great vibes; one that definitely does not sleep! Nevertheless, there is one more city that will not disappoint the party animal in you - Berlin. Techno music, cheap beer, and loads of open-air parties - what more does a man want?

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4. Soul Searcher 

top destination for soul searching
Rishikesh, India
The best way to find yourself is to get lost! And, the best way to do so is to embark on a journey. Some men like to go on an adventure, some like to party hard, while there are a set of men who just want to leave everything behind and seek some peace - soul searching. These kind of men are usually found by the shores of River Ganga in Rishikesh, India, either meditating or taking yoga lessons. Kerala is another popular destination for soul searchers, as it has the best wellness resorts for rejuvenation and ultimate relaxation. Solitude seekers can also head to the Alpine Mountains; live in a hut, admire nature's bounty, and get in touch with your inner being. If you want to distance yourself from the outside world, nothing comes remotely close to Iceland. Walk by the sea, hike in the mountains, or just enjoy the wilderness - nirvana, guaranteed!

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5. Thrill seeker 

Best adventure destination for men
Road of death, Bolivia
"Life is either a daring adventure or nothing.” - Helen Keller 
Majority of men believe that life is an adventure and they leave no stone unturned to get their share of adrenaline rush. Testing one's physical capabilities, pushing the limits, and at the end emerging a winner - adventure enthusiasts are game for anything! One hell of a place to quench your adrenaline thirst is La Paz, in Bolivia. It is home to a road termed as the 'World’s Most Dangerous Road' and only the daredevil bikers should tread this path. For a more rewarding adventure, summit the 19,340 ft Mount Kilimanjaro in Africa, and treat your eyes to some of the best views in the world. Rapids straight out of the waterfall and rafting through them - this is the kind of experience you can expect in Livingstone, Zambia. Ziplining, canoeing, or abseiling - either way, the rush is more than satisfactory!

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6. History buff

Top places for history buffs
Bayon Temple, Cambodia
Raiders of the lost ark, Troy, Brave Heart - if you are still reading this, then you are a history buff and would give up all your wealth to go back in time. Machu Picchu is a favourite of many and tops the list of ancient places to see. You can go hiking alone or take your travel buddy along to explore the ruins of the lost civilization. Cambodia is yet another great place to delve into history; spell-binding structures and the temples of Bayon and Angkor Wat - this small country is simply magic! It would not be fair to exclude the mysterious land of Egypt. Pharaohs and Sphinx, Pyramids, secret tombs, and even more secretive kings and queens - undoubtedly, it is the Mecca for men who admire antiquity!

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7. Food enthusiast 

Places to travel for a food lover
Street food to high-end restaurants; iconic pad Thai noodles to spicy chicken curry, men who swear by good food can travel any distance to satiate their appetite. So if you fall under the category of men who are constantly hungry for great food and epic travel adventures, you have scrolled down the right page! Fresh sea food, spicy noodles, and mouth watering desserts - you know you have landed in the streets of Bangkok. From fried scorpions to red ant eggs - Bangkok food is as bizarre as it can get! Moving onto something more appealing and consumable - Italian food. Pizza, pasta, risottos, truffles, and some great wine, Italian food is simply a work of art. The Italians take their food very seriously and so should you! And, not to forget the land of spices - India! The variety that you can expect from this nation is enormous. Biryani, chicken tikka, dosa, butter chicken; for the sweet tooth there is jalebi, kheerrasgulla, you will never run out of food options in India - the list is never-ending!

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8. Road trip fan 

Best routes for road trip
The Garden Route, South Africa
“The freedom of the open road is seductive, serendipitous and absolutely liberating.” – Aaron Lauritsen
For men who love the joy of taking the off-beaten track, road trips are their way of attaining peace. Ranging from a day ride to months of living on the road in a van or a RV, road trips are a great way to bond with your buddies or make new friends as you go along. If you have 2-4 weeks at hand, the Wild Atlantic Way is one epic road trip along the western coast of Ireland. Promising some stunning views of beaches and sea cliffs - this is one ride that is due for your boy gang. Stretching from Storms River in the east to Mossel Bay in the west, the 200 km Garden Route in South Africa must also be on your road trip wish list. White-sand beaches, quaint towns, forested mountains, lagoons and lakes - the drive is an experience in itself!

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