An interesting, quirky city – 9 amazing facts about Tokyo

An interesting, quirky city – 9 amazing facts about Tokyo

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Tokyo is an amazing place! The world’s most densely populated city, it still manages to charm its visitors with its natural beauty, food, fashion, and of course, Mount Fuji! It is one of the most exciting and interesting cities in the world! Why interesting? Because we found these 9 quirky, amazing facts about Japan’s busy capital city, that will have you packing your bags to travel to Tokyo right away!

Tokyo Travel: 9 amazing facts about Tokyo

1. Fashion that is out of this world


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Cosplay, Gothic Lolita, cutesy fairy kei, and Decora – these are few of the Japanese sub-styles of clothing that people sport in the Harajuku district of Tokyo. Anyone who loves to have fun with colours and fashion – this is the place where you can go all crazy and no one would object. Named after the Harajuku Station in Tokyo, this fashion movement came into existence in early 1980s, and since then, it has become a rage. So, in case your clothes are not matching, just think of yourself walking down the streets of Harajuku.

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2. Mount Fuji that’s always in “hide & seek” mode


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The great, stunning Mount Fuji is visible from Tokyo for barely 80 days in a year! Heartbreaking, isn’t it? But with proper planning, keeping the weather in mind, you can be fortunate enough to get a mesmerizing view of the most revered mountain in Japan. In case you want a picture with Mount Fuji in the backdrop, make sure your trip is well planned – and of course, luck plays an important role too, so wish you all the luck!

3. Vending machines that give everything!


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In Tokyo, at every 12 meters, a vending machine will be waiting to serve you. And it’s not just colas or candies, the vending machines of Tokyo give away clothes, hamburgers, surgical masks, flowers.. the list goes on! If you’re dealing with hunger pangs, buying a last-minute gift, or looking for a tie to match for a meeting – anything you want, just ask the vending machine!

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4. A hotel suite for 20,000 dollars a night


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Luxury comes with a price tag, and at Ritz Carlton Tokyo, the price is almost USD 20,000 a night! This swanky hotel occupies the top nine floors of the second tallest building of Tokyo – the Midtown Tower. The size of this sprawling suite is 300 square meters and it comes with a view to die for. This room also has a dining that seats 16. Every nook and corner of the suite is designed to perfection and no expense is spared to make the stay an experience of a lifetime!

5. A two-century-old restaurant


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Komagata Dozeu restaurant has been serving Tokyo in the same plot of land since 1801. Withstanding numerous earthquakes and volcanoes, this traditional restaurant has not changed much over the last 200 years! The entrance is nothing fancy, but for a few benches for those waiting in line; the main dining area still has tatami floors with cushions to sit on and small tables to eat off from. All dishes served here are made with a fish called Dozeu, or Dojo. This isn’t just another Asian restaurant; it’s an institution!

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6. Pushing passengers into trains is a job here!


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Travelling in a densely populated city like Tokyo can be hard, especially when you’re commuting in trains. During rush hours, you will find ‘passenger arrangement staff’ commonly known as ‘pushers’ or ‘Oshiya‘, whose job is to push passengers inside the train and help them aboard. Well this may sound harsh, but without the help of these Oshiya, the trains would not be able to leave on time. No wonder the Japanese trains are always on time!

7. Busiest junction in the world with 3000+ pedestrians crossing!


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Well, the picture above would not justify the fact, but Tokyo’s Shibuya Crossing is the busiest junction in the world. Period! As the traffic lights turn red, over 3000 pedestrians can be seen crossing the junction during the peak hours. It’s a spectacle to watch, where pedestrians coming from different directions effortlessly move from one street to another, without creating any chaos of sorts – welcome to Tokyo!

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8. A mountain with 2.6 million visitors annually


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To admire the beauty of nature, especially the coloured foliage of trees, Mount Takao is the right place to be at. The most-visited mountain of Japan, visitors climb the mountain to pay their respects in the temple of Yakuoin, enjoy a bath in the hot springs, feast on delicious food and beer, and to enjoy a wonderful hike. For those who don’t enjoy walking, the cable car is happy to help!

9. Juiciest & costliest Kobe beef in the world


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If you are expecting a grand entrance to one of the most expensive restaurants in the world, you maybe disappointed! Known for the juiciest, fattiest and also the most expensive Kobe beef or Wagyu beef in the world, the Aragawa restaurant is located in the basement of an office tower. Locals and tourists make sure to visit this restaurant, in the Shinbashi district of Tokyo, to taste the best beef in the business. A meal for two can cost over $800, so make sure after a happy tummy, your pocket is happy too!

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