9 Kinds Of Delicious Ice Creams Worth Travelling The World For!

9 Kinds Of Delicious Ice Creams Worth Travelling The World For!

My brain says salad, but my stomach keeps auto-correcting it to ice cream! Your stomach does that to you too?! Then maybe you should book your flights, pack your bags and leave for these 9 places where you’ll get unique, wacky and delicious kinds of ice creams. Without further ado...

9 Delicious Ice Creams Around The World!

1. Mochi Ice Cream, Japan

Mochi is a delicacy generally cooked during mochitsuki, which is a Japanese New Year’s tradition. Essentially a sticky rice cake, mochi is now globally famous due to its fusion with ice cream. While traditional mochi ice creams come in vanilla, chocolate and strawberry flavours, other wacky flavours include plum wine, green tea, coffee and red bean.

2. Spaghettieis, Germany

Fooled by the image? No, despite what you see, this is not spaghetti with red sauce. It is indeed an ice cream that is creating ripples in the culinary world in Germany! Essentially a vanilla ice cream topped with strawberry pulp and syrup, Spaghettieis is made by putting vanilla ice cream through a potato ricer.

3. Wasabi Ice cream, Japan

Japan features on this list again! This time, with a food item that has got everyone divided; people either love wasabi’s taste or they hate it to the core! Earthy, hot and herbal, wasabi ice cream is not everybody’s cup of tea… Or shall we say, not everybody’s scoop of ice cream 😉 Tempted to go to Japan to try this quirky ice cream? Hope these Japan travel packages help you with the planning.

4. Kulfi, India

When profoundly boiled milk meets cardamom and sugar, a kulfi is born! Available in popsicle as well as slab forms, India's kulfi also comes in several other flavours apart from the popular cardamom one. Mango, chocolate, pistachio, kesar-malai and strawberry are just some of the many flavours it comes in.

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5. Dondurma, Turkey

We all have seen those viral videos where people are trying their luck at holding on to their ice creams while the ice cream man keeps tricking them. Well, if you want to be part of those viral videos, or just satiate your hunger for a unique ice cream, head over to Turkey and order a dondurma! Sticky, stretchy and oooh so tasty!

6. Faloodeh, Iran

Believed to have originated in Shiraz in Iran, Faloodeh is a traditional cold dessert made up of boiled (and then chilled) rice vermicelli, sugar, lime juice, rose water and pistachios. Sometimes, sour cherry syrup is also added to this appetizing treat.

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7. I Tim Pad, Thailand:

Rolled to perfection, I Tim Pad not only tastes good, it also looks gorgeous. And the making process is, some might say, hypnotizing! ‘I Tim Pad’ loosely translates to stir fried ice cream, and that’s just what it is, a sweet cream base that is ‘stir fried’ on a pan which is of icy chilled consistency.

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8. Halo Halo, Philippines

A popular dessert during the summers, Halo Halo is a layered dish which consists of shaved ice, sweetened red or white beans, condensed/ evaporated milk and scoops of ube (purple yam) ice cream. A few places that serve Halo Halo also add accompaniments such as jackfruit, watermelon and rose syrup to enhance the amalgamation of flavours.

9. Helados De Paila, Ecuador

As fruity and as colourful as Ecuador itself, Helados De Paila dates back to the time when refrigerators were not even invented! Picture this, a giant bronze bowl, a tub filled to the brim with ice cubes and sea salt, and an ice cream vendor who can churn and stir your dreams of a fruity ice cream into a reality… That’s Helados De Paila for you. And if you are feeling brave enough to try madcap flavours of the good old traditional ice cream, you could try the onion ice cream in Venezuela, the foie gras ice cream in France, the squid ink ice cream in Japan or the salty licorice in Sweden! All the best!
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