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Singapore ranks high up on the list of the best shopping destinations in the world, and one place that every shopping-lover must definitely visit. The country's capital is a gorgeous shopping hub, offering everything from posh, world-class brand treasures to offbeat, economical buys. Whichever kind you prefer, read on to find out my favorite picks, and why you should make it a point to pay each of them a visit when shopping in Singapore.

For the budget-conscious

Unlike the possible misconception, Singapore’s best-budget shopping scene boasts overwhelmingly trendy, fashionable goods from footwear and clothes to souvenirs and accessories.

Beside Orchard Road in Space Underground, you’ll find good collections of clothing and small accessories at prices as cheap as $1, going up to $20. Online-based clothing shops here have their products on sale at prices quite lower than usual.

If you’re up for some patient exploring (preferably without tremendously high hopes), I’d suggest you to check out the flea markets and thrift shops. If you’re lucky and know where to look, there’s a decent chance you might end up discovering some hidden gems such as a lovely dress or a last-season, trendy T-shirt from a renowned brand.  ‘Flea Party’ in Orchard Road’s ‘Lucky Plaza’, ‘New2U Thrift Shop’ on Waterloo Street are places you could look up for these, while Sungei Road’s ‘Thieve Market’ is where you discover your next retro film camera or vintage collectibles. In all three cases, $20 could get you quite a few treasures.’ Lucky Plaza’ itself has affordable jewelry, watches and other accessories within $15, while Scotts Road’s ‘Far-East Plaza’ is a low-budget enthusiast’s dreamland with its super-cheap articles of clothing and spas.

Lastly, I cannot but mention Bugis Street with labyrinthine array of small shops selling watches, clothes, souvenirs and accessories at prices between $5 and $15.

For the luxury shopper

The shopping paradise brims with a cluster of high-end luxury shopping malls and world renowned brand stores. Each of these jaw-dropping shopping locations are as much of tourist attractions merely for their marvelous beauty, as they are the ideal fashion hub for the higher echelons and celebrities from around the world.

Apart from the museum and restaurants of renowned chefs, Marina Bay Sands houses brands like Alexander McQueen, AX Armani Exchange and Audemars Piguet.

Paragon Shopping Centre on Orchard Road offers a much more sophisticated portfolio of classy labels such as Jimmy Choo and Givenchy. Also along Orchard Road is Mandarin Gallery, home to a wide range of couture labels and famous brands. Both Mandarin Gallery and Paragon are alike in that they both offer an assortment of worldly experiences.

The Raffles Hotel Shopping Arcade, housed inside the famous Raffles Hotel, is another place I would strongly suggest, for the marvelous shopping experience that it provides within its rich architecture. It is worth noting that the historic CYC Custom Shop is among the sprawling shopping arcade in the Raffles Hotel.

When talking about a diverse, vibrant shopping destination like Singapore, it is a challenging task to short-list the places offering the best buys at the best prices. While the list may vary from person to person, you’ll find a few present in all of them. So when you find yourself in Singapore, go ahead and find out yourself!