A “Pitt” Stop in Croatia: Soon Stay at Brad Pitt’s Luxurious $1.5...

A “Pitt” Stop in Croatia: Soon Stay at Brad Pitt’s Luxurious $1.5 Billion Resort!

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HolidayMe_Brad Pitt's Luxurious Resort in CroatiaBrad_Wikipedia.jpgJust when you thought there couldn’t possibly be any more reasons to visit the stupefying land of Croatia, BAM! In walks Mr. Brad Pitt and proposes to build a luxury resort in the quaint coastal town of Zablace, and suddenly the world is blessed with one more smashing reason to totally check out Croatia. While you might be saddened by the news of the actor’s recent split with his wife, actress Angelina Jolie; cheer up fellas and rejoice, ‘cuz Croatia ain’t goin’ nowhere! Straddling the Adriatic Sea, and precariously perched between Central Europe and the Balkans, Croatia’s insane hues of emerald and sapphire are enough to catch the fancy and attention of any sane living being, let alone Brad Pitt! Even if hues and shades are not really your thing, you’ve got to be out of your mind if you don’t feel your soul getting conquered by the balmy medley of glaringly translucent beaches, ancient walled cities, oodles of sun, ace seafood, phenomenal wine, staggering history, and the country’s sheer, inconceivable, otherworldly natural beauty – the stuff Mediterranean dreams are made up of.

HolidayMe_ Brad Pitt's Luxurious Resort In Croatia_shutterstock_315914795.jpgThe Fight Club actor who previously visited Croatia with Angelina Jolie and their kids, was clearly besotted with the country, as he went on to describe Croatia as “the most beautiful country he has ever visited”. Smitten by the intensity of colours and the unbelievably clean sea, the actor recently took a brief tour of the site, where he proposes to construct a new resort along with a luxury hotel complete with a golf course, extravagant villas, restaurants, and shops, in the sleepy town of Zablace, thereby transforming its marina into a luxury resort.

All set to cost more than USD 1.5 billion, this massive development aims at converting the tiny coastal town of Zablace into a “modern ecologically-responsible planned community. Famed architect Nikola Basic, who is said to be the brains behind this promising development in Zablace, also joined the star on the tour of the site.

HolidayMe_Brad Pitt's Luxurious Resort in Croatia_shutterstock_318893354.jpgBy constructing this resort, Brad Pitt is all set to join the bandwagon of A-list celebrities who have off late shown a keen interest in developing hotels and resorts. Robert De Niro, who opened The Greenwich Hotel in New York, has recently announced plans to launch one more hotel in London’s Covent Garden, and re-develop the K-Club, located on the Caribbean Island of Barbuda. Cristiano Ronaldo fans went berserk with the wannabe hotelier opening a new hotel in Lisbon earlier this summer. Fellow A-lister Leonardo DiCaprio plans to build a multimillion dollar eco-tourism resort on a small island off the coast of Belize. Launching resorts surely seems to be quite an in thing with celebrities these days!