A Seafood Lover’s Guide to Seychelles

A Seafood Lover’s Guide to Seychelles

If you love seafood, and you happen to be traveling to the Seychelles, congratulations, you’ve landed yourself a treasure trove! While the 115 islands that make up the archipelago of Seychelles have been spoilt rotten by Mother Nature with ethereal beaches, ultramarine waters, and the greenest of hills and forests, the local Creole cuisine adds to the archipelago’s staggering tropical paradise appeal, and is quite a tantalizing attraction in itself! Surrounded by the sea on all sides, you can imagine the kind of insane scope Seychelles has when it comes to seafood. The possibilities are nearly endless! Having said that, Seychellois cuisine is truly special, unique, and creative, featuring a fascinating amalgamation of Indian, Chinese, French, and African influences – which means, no matter which part of the planet you come from, be certain of chancing upon something or the other that will pique your taste buds. Owing to its location, seafood is the most significant component of Seychellois cuisine, complimented with ingredients like chillies, meat, coconut milk, garlic and ginger. What’s more, expect to nosh on some of the freshest seafood on the planet, straight from the ocean! So, if you are a seafood lover and find yourself on a plane to Seychelles, here’s your guide to some of the freshest, tastiest, and most amazing seafood on the planet.

Fish Curries

Fish curries are a staple diet of Creole cuisine. No matter where you go on the island, you’ll never be too far from a fresh daily catch being aromatically prepared with a little bit of France, India, and China in it. A regular in households, restaurants, and food stands alike, fish curries are THE thing in Seychelles, and can be prepared using a variety of ingredients, with certain elements like coconut milk, spices, and a local curry paste being constant. This delicious dish is best savoured with rice, bread, chutney, and salad! Looking for a best time to visit Seychelles? Click here!

Octopus curry in coconut milk

Your seafood experience in Seychelles will be complete only after sampling the Octopus curry, a quintessential Seychelles dish! For this piquant delicacy, octopus chunks are boiled to tender perfection and cooked with spices, ginger, garlic, herbs, and coconut milk. With little tweaks and customization in preferences as you traverse the island, almost all versions are equally delectable!

Grilled Fish

When it comes to grilled fish, no one quite does it as the Seychellois do! And if you’re going to savour grilled fish while you’re in Seychelles, you’ve got to dig into a red-snapper, which is clearly the king of grilled fish. Tourists and locals alike enjoy savouring every single bite of this delicacy, cooked with ginger, garlic, chillies and a hint of lemon juice. Rabbit fish, jackfish, sailfish, and jobfish are a few other neat choices for a delectable grilled fish experience in Seychelles. If you're a foodie, then you must try the halal-food of Bangkok. 

Dried Fish

Yet another delicacy locally savoured with a lot of heart, dried fish had made it through traditions and times when refrigerators did not exist. The fish is salted and dried for many days so that it can be preserved and has a long shelf life. The most popular way of consuming dried fish is in the form of fish curry, or a ‘rougaille’, in which the dried fish is washed, crumbled and cooked with tomatoes, garlic, chillies, and onions.

Smoked Fish Salad

Simple, yet delicious and healthy! Toss up a few veggies like cabbage, carrot, onions, green peppers, tomatoes, and black olives. Throw in some smoked fish, add a dash of lemon, olive oil, salt and pepper, and your crunchy smoked fish salad is ready!

Shark Chutney

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A dish that is typically Seychellois, perhaps the only way you would be comfortable in getting close to a shark in Seychelles, is if it’s in the form of a chutney! Shark chutney is a flavoursome local delight comprising of boiled shark that is finely mashed and cooked with spices, lime juice, pepper, and onions. The chutney is typically served with rice and lentils, and yes, if you’ve never eaten it before, expect it to be to very salty and fishy!

What to avoid:

If you ever find yourself being served a tortoise, turtle, coco der mer, or dolphin, do not eat it. It is illegal. While tortoises and turtles have been under the protection of law since decades, sadly they’re still poached (fortunately, at a declining rate though).
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