6 Daring Ways to Experience Chile, “World’s Best Adventure Destination”

6 Daring Ways to Experience Chile, “World’s Best Adventure Destination”

Climb up the legendary Ojos del Salado for amazing views!
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“One way to get the most out of life is to look upon it as an adventure.” -William Feather This year why not break the monotony of routine work and go on an amazing adventure? I know just the right place for you to go -- Chile! Why Chile, you ask? This South American country has been voted as World’s Leading Adventure Tourism Destination 2018, being awarded by World Travel Awards for three years in a row! The tiny nation quietly defies its size with the sheer range of adventure activities it offers! Feel like climbing the ring of fire? Go right ahead! Want to try your hands at surfing some of the biggest waves on the planet? No big deal! From skydiving, to sand surfing, to kayaking, just choose what gets your heart racing and you are all set. Want to know more?

Here are the best adventure activities of Chile

1) Climb up the tallest volcano in the world - Ojos del Salado

Climb up the legendary Ojos del Salado for amazing views!
Famous for: Giving adrenaline freaks the opportunity to climb the tallest volcano on the planet. Where? Chile-Argentinian border Due to the country’s geo location, Chile is home to more than 500 active volcano mountains, and the most famous among them is Ojos del Salado – the highest volcano on earth. A vast majority of the climb is surprising easy but the final part is quite tough. Those who reach the top are rewarded with a gorgeous view of the lush Capiapo Valley.

2) Trek across the largest ice fields of the planet

Stunning views at Laguna San Rafael!
Famous for: A walk across an incomparably beautiful and harsh cold landscape that has an otherworldly beauty Where? Laguna San Rafael National Park If you want to experience a grand Antarctic level of adventure without going there, you have no choice but to visit the Laguna San Rafael National Park. You will see glaciers, tunnels, and crevasses. The whole experience is an exercise in humbleness, as the views on offer are irresistibly beautiful and the terrain incredibly dangerous. Remember to go with a guide if you plan to go here. Also check out 9 incredible experiences that only Chile offers!

3) Ski and snowboard till you can’t anymore

Go on an amazing Ski ride at the Colorado Ski Station
Famous for: Fresh snow tracks that go on and on and on. Where? Ski resorts surrounding Santiago Best time: During the months of May to October If you love skiing, you have to visit Chile, that’s a mantra every ski pro swear by. Chile has got everything that snow adventures enthusiasts love; fresh snow, high altitude drop-offs, and adventure operators offering ski packages all over the country! Don’t miss out on an opportunity to heli-ski Yates, a volcano famous for offering downhill views of islands, fjords and other volcanoes!

4) Tame the monster waves!

Surf these insanely adventurous monster waves in Chile!
Famous for: Some of the biggest waves in the world, ideal for surfing Where? Punta de Lobo, one of the most iconic left-handed pointbreaks (surf breaks) in the world Best time: Add if relevant The country is blessed with endless beaches, quite literally, with a coastline stretching all the way to 2,653 miles. This means, surfers are spoiled for choice with ‘sweet spots’ like Matanzas, and Santo Domingo that offer surfs across difficulty level. If you are feeling particularly adventurous, Punta de Lobos is the place to be, its consistent monster waves appeal to the best surfers on the planet.

5) Fly like a kite (kitesurfing)

Enjoy surfing like this at a lake in The Andes Mountains!
Famous for: Taking the already exhilarating surfing experience to even more extreme heights Where? Around 2.5 hours from Santiago, you will find Pupuya – a pretty coastal town filled with weekend warriors with a single purpose for the trip – catching some sweet waves and strong winds! Chile is blessed with strong winds for 2/3rd of the entire year, which means pro-kite surfers from all over the world come here to indulge in this crazy adventure. The best part is the kitesurfing hotspots are spread all over the country – from the beaches of Matanzas and Pupuya to lakes such as Villarrica and Puclaro Embalse.

6) Raft across the wilds

Raft your way through El Futaleufu river!
Famous for: Thundering rapids that come along with some interesting views on the side El Futaleufu river, one of the most majestic rivers in the world for kayaking offers a thrilling ride for people across experience level, right from those who enjoy a gentle ride to those who enjoy a proper bone-rattling Class- V ride experience.
Relax, sit back with a glass of Chilean wine and gaze at the star-filled sky in the Atacama desert!
By the end, when you are done with all the adventures, sit back relax, sip the famous Chilean wine, and look up at the stars from the Atacama desert - one of the best spots for star-gazing in the world!

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