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Georgia in Europe is an offbeat tourists’ destination boasting of plenty of amazing attractions and stunning natural beauty. Its location in the Caucasus region makes it perfect for indulging in adventure activities. Georgia’s mountainous region shaped by green farmlands and rivers acts at the ideal backdrop for outdoor adventures. There are several options to make your trip to Georgia a truly adventurous affair. You can indulge in hiking, trekking, mountaineering, river rafting, horse riding and many amazing adventure activities in Georgia. Looking for unique ideas to enjoy exhilarating adventures? Read on…

Georgia Adventure: Hiking, Trekking and Biking

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Georgia’s mountainous terrain, beautiful valleys and rivers are perfect for hiking, trekking and biking in complete solace amidst the lap of nature. Pristine natural beauty will greet you all along the trails leading to sleepy villages, crumbling castles and towers, lush river valleys and high mountainous paths. All three activities are perfect for people who are looking for outdoor adventurous experience.

Adventure in Georgia: 4X4 Adventure

Rugged terrain, lack of proper roads and diverse landscape makes it perfect for 4-wheeled drive adventures across this beautiful country. Traversing through on your four wheel drive vehicle, you can literally go off road to enjoy the contrasting landscapes comprising of deserts, coastal villages, tea plantations, vineyards and high mountains. 4X4 adventure is certainly one of the best adventures in Georgia.

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Georgia mountains!

Adventure in Georgia

Georgia is steadily getting popular as a popular destination for hiking exploits. The mountains are higher than Mont Blanc, a highly popular mountain in Europe which is the favourite of mountaineers of Europe. Climb Kazbegi or Georgia’s highest mountain, Shkhara, all of them are over 5000 metres and provide an amazing experience of trekking. There are several easy and low altitude mountains to climb as well, making this country a true paradise for mountaineering adventure.

Rafting & Kayaking in Georgia

Georgia being a mountainous country has several rivers and streams making it perfect for an exhilarating river rafting and kayaking adventure. River rafting and kayaking options often varies from beginner to high level rafting in placid and at places, choppy waters. Most of the river rafting and kayaking adventures are conducted by professional tour operators, ensuring safety and providing a sensational experience of adventure in Georgia.

Caves in Georgia

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Georgia’s western parts boast of an intricate network of natural caves with diverse geographies like underground rivers and lakes and enormous caverns with limestone structures. It’s possible to venture out in these dark underworld caves and explore these or simply enjoy a boat ride in the underground rivers and lakes. You can also see the perfect fossils of dinosaurs along with scary limestone formations. Professional cavers will have an amazing adventure in Georgia while exploring the dark, mysterious subterranean caves.

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Hunting and Fishing in Georgia

Georgia offers a unique chance to step back into the times of hunting and fishing gathering days of our ancestors. It’s rich ecosystem filled with flora and fauna makes it ideal to enjoy the adventure activities of hunting and fishing. There are several farms which allows you to enjoy hunting in game reserves while its beautiful rivers, lakes and Black Sea coast are perfect for fishing.

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Paragliding in Georgia

Paragliding in the stunning scenery of Georgia is one of the most coveted adventure activities to indulge in the country. It’s pristine landscape filled with snowy mountains, green farmlands and beautiful rivers is certainly best savoured with a bird’s eye view while enjoying paragliding, the perfect outdoor adventure in the country.

Horse riding in Georgia

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Georgia has a deep connection with horses and you will realise it while traversing the far flung and remote areas of the country with a horse riding adventure. Horses will haul you up the high mountain passes, take you through the trails of forests and valleys and will allow you to reach the remote areas where you can pitch a tent under the starry sky or enjoy a homestay with a local family. It’s certainly an adventure of a lifetime in Georgia.

Eco-Parks and Bird Watching in Georgia

Georgia has several eco-conservation areas including 14 national reserves, 9 national reserves and many more protected landscapes and natural heritages. Georgia is a perfect destination for eco-tourism lovers who believe in reducing their carbon footprints. Botanists and zoologists will simply enjoy their stay while birdwatchers will revel in the adventure of a lifetime as there are close to 360 endemic species of birds, making it a dream destination for birdwatchers.

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