These Stunning Ice Caves Will Blow You Away!

These Stunning Ice Caves Will Blow You Away!

Amazing Ice-Caves on Earth
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Nigardsbreen ice caves
Image Source: Wikipedia

Nigardsbreen ice caves, Norway

Easily accessible, you’ll find this icy grotto in Jostedalsbreen, the largest glacier in mainland Europe. The caves always appear to be changing because of the fluid nature of ice within the walls. Praising these deep blue caves, a scientist went to the extent of calling it an “ice cathedral.”  

Ice cave at Skaftafell, IcelandSkaftafell ice caves, Iceland

The entrance of overwhelming frozen wonder in Skaftafell National Park is as large as 22ft. and tapers to no more than four feet! Since this is a highly pressurised glacier, it absorbs all the visible light, glistening in a heavenly blue colour. As the glacier moves, you can hear an echo of the crack in the entire cave!  
Grjótagjá ice caves
Image Source: Wikipedia

Grjotagja ice caves, Iceland

Once upon a time, these caves were popular for its hot springs of about 50 degrees Celsius; but the geological activity around Lake Myvatn has caused the temperatures to dip making it impossible to bathe in the cave now. Unfortunate as this is, you’ll be amazed by the large size and height of the cave.  
erebus ice caves
Image Source: Wikipedia

Erebus ice caves, Antarctica

These are one-of-a-kind caves formed due to the volcano gases emitting within Mt. Erebus and leaving behind hexagonal crystals! As the sunlight filters through the ice, amazing shades of blue are emitted, leaving you gaping at the magic our mother nature can create!  

Grand Island Ice CaveGrand Island ice caves, USA

The Grand Island on Lake Superior in Michigan has re-opened for the public after five long years. You’ll be overwhelmed by the 30-feet high ice curtains and massive icicles falling over your head. Capture outstanding moments of green and blue magical ice faces backed by the rays of the sun!  
althabasca ice caves
Image Source: Wikipedia

Athabasca ice caves, Canada

The Athabasca glacier is the most accessible ice field in the Rocky Mountains despite the fact that the ice here is as thick as the height of the Eiffel Tower! That’s more than enough to leave you flabbergasted, leave alone the abstract formations of ice.   Glacier Ice Cave - Laugavegur, Iceland

Laugavegur ice caves, Iceland

You will refuse to believe what an incredibly magnificent world we are living in until you hike the Landmannalaugar trail to reach these ice-caves.  Cross black volcanic deserts, wild hills, dense hot springs and snowfields to reach the end of the glacier, hollowing out a beautiful set of ice caves! Although some of the caves have been melting down, the stunning landscapes make your trip to Laugavegur completely worthwhile!   Dobsinska ice caves

Dobsinska ice caves, Slovakia

The scariest, yet most remarkable ice-formations in Europe - the entrance of Dobsinska ice caves is 970m high. It is the only place in Europe to have the thickest layer of ice after the Alps. Named as a UNESCO heritage site, this is the first cave to have electric lighting that decorated the iced up domes and corridors.  
eisriesenwelt ice caves
Image Source: Wikipedia

Eiseriesenwelt ice caves

Enter the ‘world of ice-giants!’ Found under the Austrian Alps, this 42 km long ice-tunnel is the largest in the world! Formed by a river that froze during winter, you’ll find eerie, exciting mazes inside this frozen world!   Big 4 Ice caves

Big four ice caves, USA

These mysterious caves are formed at the base of the Big Four Mountains in Washington State. The snow of avalanches fall to the base creating hollows which are kept intact by the shades of the mountain. Since this fall of ice varies, the ice-caves look different each year. However, you must take the caution signs at the foot of the caves very seriously, as many unfortunate fatal accidents have occurred within the Big Four Caves. Surely, ice-caves tinkle your imagination beyond limit, and appear to have been other worldly. Go-ahead and explore, but always be cautious because they are as fascinating as fatal!