Amazing photos reveal the stunning beauty of Norway

Amazing photos reveal the stunning beauty of Norway

Tromso Waterfront, Norway
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Check out these amazing images that captures and reflects the scenic beauty of Norway and if you get mesmerized, that plan a trip to the country which will offer you unmatched experiences of your lifetime!

Seven Sisters Waterfall

Seven Sisters Waterfall, Norway

The beautiful Seven Sisters Waterfall is a part of the Geiranger World Heritage Site and lies south of the stunning Geirangerfjorden in More og Romsdal county, Norway. Cascading falls amidst a deep blue inland waters create a stunning picture.


Lofoten, Norway

Lofoten is a stunning archipelago located in the county of Nordland and is filled with deep blue sea, colourful fishing villages made on wooden stilts, virgin peaks, sheltered bays, secluded beaches and a dramatic landscape.


Trolltunga, Norway

Trolltunga, located in the Hordaland county is a stunning extension of a rock which hangs horizontally out of a mountain and offers the thrill of standing on the edge of a perilously dangling rocky outcrop with sweeping views of Lake Ringedalsvatnet.

Lodalen Valley

Lodalen Valley, Norway

Lodalen Valley located in Sogn og Fjordane county, is filled with pristine natural beauty. The region is hiker’s delight with beautiful valleys, fjords, sleepy colourful towns and virgin peaks and scenic lakes and forests.


Briksdalsbreen, Norway
Image Source: Wikipedia

Briksdalsbreen, a stunning glacier located in the Sogn og Fjordane county is one of the most overwhelming sights of Norway. The glacier system is now receding but still presents a dramatic sight.


Trollstigen, Norway

Trollstigen is a serpentine, zig zag road stretched across mountains and valleys in the beautiful More og Romsdal county, Norway. Enjoy a daring ride in the serpentine road, filled with marveling sights.

Flam valley

Flam Valley located in Sogn og Fjordane county is such scenic that it resembles like a place straight out of a Disney movie. Green verdant valley filled with cute and colourful villages is a sight which will compel you to settle down.


Alesund, Norway

Alesund is a town in More og Romsdal county and is noted for its art nouveau architecture and its beautiful sea port. Alesund is certainly one of the most beautiful towns in the world.


Lysefjord, Norway
Image Source: Wikipedia

Lysefjord is a fjord located in Forsand in Ryfylke in south-western Norway. It’s famous for the mountain balcony renowned for sweeping views of the deep blue fjord and surrounding mountains.


Kjerag, Norway
Image Source: Wikipedia

Imagine standing on top of a rock, which defies the rule of gravity by tightly jostling between two mountain landmass. The experience is simply exhilarating! Kjerag located in Forsand municipality, Ryfylke, Rogaland attracts plenty of tourists.

Northern Lights

Northern Lights, Norway

Visit the Northern Norway or the Svalbard Islands to admire the most spectacular and mystifying phenomena of Northern Light which filled the starry light with cosmic play of colourful lights. Considered as one of the greatest spectacle on the planet.

Midnight Sun

Midnight Sun, Norway
Image Source: Wikipedia

If Northern Lights seem wonderful during the winters, in the summers enjoy the wonderful and spectacular phenomena of Midnight Sun. Norway’s Nordkapp, Altafjord, Svalbard and Arctic Circle are the best place to enjoy Midnight Sun.


Hammerfest, Norway

Hammerfest is a small, extremely pretty seaside town in Finnmark county. The town is renowned for its reindeer migrations.


Tromso, Norway

Tromso is a beautiful city located in Troms county, Norway.  Don’t forget to visit the Arctic Cathedral, a stunning cathedral with very unique architecture. Tromso is also the hub of Norwegian festivals and several music festivals, northern lights and midnight sun display.