Travel in Style: The Charm of Luxury Trains

Travel in Style: The Charm of Luxury Trains

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What makes luxury trains different from high-speed bullet trains and other trains, in general?These trains offer luxury rides and allows you to soak in the pleasure of the journey while being catered to, pampered to. Travelling in luxury trains is an experience to enjoy the art of unique travelling, an era of romance and leisure. There are several luxury trains in operation around the world. Each of them promises to take you on a fairy tale voyage through captivating landscapes and amazing destinations around the world. While travelling you can actually see the ‘real world’ as these trains travel through stunning natural vista and the countryside. The attractively crafted compartments are no less than hotel suites, with delicious food served in a beautiful ambience. Along with that cocktails enjoyed in delightful bars, all contribute to an experience that is unforgettable and easily one of life’s treasured memories.

Golden Eagle Trans-Siberian Express, Russia A journey on the Golden Eagle Trans-Siberian train is the best way to explore the humongous size the world’s largest country. The journey takes you through magnificent, ever-changing landscapes; from Moscow over the Urals, across the length and breadth of Russia. The train offers furnished and decorated compartments classified as Imperial Suites and Imperial Suite Stats (more spacious!) and Gold Class and Silver Class compartments. Relish the offerings of the Ornate Bar Car, where guests can enjoy excellent food and wine. Socialize in the Restaurant Car, a special compartment to mingle with the fellow passengers while the train chugs away through the Russian hinterland.

The Chepe, Mexico The magnificent Rail Road Journey of the Chepe, on one of the most eye-catching routes of the world, takes you across the fascinating landscapes and also gives you the opportunity to experience the Raramuri culture of Mexico. The Chepe has two classes of service, namely, Primera Express (First Class) where you have access to the dining car and ClaseEconomica (Economy Class) where you are served appetizers only!

The Ghan, Australia The Ghan is the ultimate luxury train journey through the heart of the Australian mainland. This luxury train travels through Adelaide to Darwin. The train offers three classes of service characterized as Platinum, Gold and Red class. Platinum Service is the topmost class of service. Each Platinum Cabin has a double bed or twin beds, with modern comfort in classic style, a private lounge with portable table and large panoramic windows allowing views of both sides of trains. Gold Service provides Twin Berth Sleeper Cabin which has private suite facilities featuring in-room mini bar and the restaurant car with meals. With Red Service, the guest has the option to take either a convertible seat or sleeper cabin, which has access to dining area as well.

Maharaja Express, India Offering an extravagant journey across selected destinations in India, Maharaja Express was designated “The World’s Leading Luxury Train” at World Travel Awards in 2012. Maharaja Express is one of the most and expensive luxurious trains in the world. The train offers five fascinating journeys across some of the most exciting destinations, attractions, culture and heritage which India is admired for. It has a total of 14 luxurious guest carriages named by precious stones like Heera, Moti, Neelam, Firozza and so on. These carriages offer luxury cabins which are categorized as Deluxe Suite, Junior Suite, Suite and Presidential Suite. The train features two lavish restaurants namely, “MayurMahal” and “Rang Mahal”. The lounge bar “Rajah Club” and thematic bar “Safari Bar”, are designed for drinking and conversations between passengers.

Rovos Rail, Africa Rovos Rail offers an enchanting voyage across some of the fascinating landscapes and destinations across Africa. Rovos Rail also known as the “Pride of Africa” links some of Africa’s greatest destinations from Cape Town, South Africa. The train offers different styled lavish suites named as Royal, Deluxe and Pullman which provides every modern convenience and comfort. The Royal Suite has its own lounge known as Club Car. The train has three lounges, a dining car, a non-smoking Lounge Car and the smoking lounge along with the Observation Car which makes it an extremely comfortable ride.

Belmond British Pullman, UK Take a step into the Belmond British Pullman luxurious train and go back in time to revel in the days of great train travel. You are going to visit a world of pure indulgence here. Take a seat in the vintage carriages designed keeping in mind the comfort of the passengers that once ran on legendary 1920s services such as the Brighton Belle and Golden Arrow. Look out through stunning scenery to destinations all over Britain as champagne flows and eclectic cuisine is served. Expect glamour, excitement and a sprint of adventure throughout your journey.