Amazing Places To Revel In The Beauty Of Sunset!

Amazing Places To Revel In The Beauty Of Sunset!

Amazing Places To Revel In The Beauty Of Sunset!
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Sunsets are timeless, magical and inspiring beauty of nature. They are pure and pristine and have a magnetic charm that has always attracted the human beings. Though, sunsets are a daily phenomenon, their magnificence can be best admired at certain blessed destinations on our planet. Let’s check out a few amazing places on our earth, renowned for offering the best views of the setting sun. 

Santorini, Greece   colorful sunset at Santorini, Greece

Santorini is a magical place to witness the majestic and timeless sunset. The beautiful cliff-side villages of Oia witnesses the beauty of sunset every day as it’s narrow cobblestone paths, white coloured houses, an old castle and the stunning Aegean Sea appear to bathe in the colours of the changing hues of the sunset.

Grand Canyon, USA

sunset at Horseshoe Bend, Grand Canyon, USA

Grand Canyon is majestic in every sense but it’s the sunset that tends to add playful shades in the weathered canyon. Every day, sunset adds hues of red, orange, yellow, green and blue to create a stunning visual delight.

Isle of Skye, Scotland

Sunset at the Isle of Skye, Scotland

Isle of Skye has stunning landscape comprising pristine blue rivers, craggy cliffs, weathered hills, and vast expanse of the Atlantic Ocean. Add some dramatic sunset into the equally stunning mountainous and rocky landscape, you will fill like straddling in the fantasy land.

Siem Reap, Cambodia

sunset at Angkor Wat, Siem Reap, Cambodia, Asia

Siem Reap is a mystical land, filled with ancient temples and pagodas; and is dotted with paddy fields, water bodies and has an antiquated charm that tends to mystify the land. On top of that, add the daily sunset and the land seems timeless among the mysterious ruins of Siem Reap.

Masai Mara National Reserve, Kenya

sunset at Masai Mara National Reserve, Kenya

The cradle of life; Masai Mara highlights the stunning dynamics of life on our planet. Wildebeest, African lions, giraffes, zebras jostles for the available natural resources in a vast stretch of protected land. As the sun sets, hues of orange and red bathes the wildlife park in its colour, creating a stunning visual composition.

Lofoten, Norway

sunse at Lofoten, Norway

The Norwegian archipelago is remote, artic in nature and has an otherworldly landscape. The natural scenery is heavily dominated by white snow, blue waters and six months of constant presence of sun while the remaining six months stay without sun light. However, this land of unique anomaly is also renowned for its stunning sunsets which tends to paint the area with myriad shades and hues of natural sunlight.


sunset at Maldives

Maldives, a small island country in the Indian Ocean, boasts of stunning sunsets all year round. Beautiful white sand beaches, dotted with swaying palms and miles of blue water of Indian Ocean adds the beautiful shades of orange and red to its landscape during the sunsets.

Ayers Rock, Australia

 Sunset at Ayers Rock, Australia
Image Source: Wikipedia

Ayers Rock is one of the best places to learn and watch the sun’s stunning effect on the surrounding landscapes. The icon of Australia – Mount Uluru, seems to change its colour with sun light. During the sunset, the entire landscape is soaked in stunning shades of bright colour including the single monolith mountain, which glistens in red colour.

Bali, Indonesia

Sunset in Bali, Indonesia

Bali seems different; entirely out of proportion to its neighbouring Indonesian and Malaysian landscapes in terms of culture, architecture and way of life. The region is a popular honeymoon destination for its beautiful beaches, temples, resorts and spa and an easy way of life. However, Bali’s real highlight is the magical sunset that tends to magnify the charm of Bali.

Venice, Italy

Sunset on the Grand Canal from Rialto Bridge,Venice, Italy

The beautiful and romantic city of Venice is on the wishlist of every couple looking for a memorable holiday. Venice’s legendary network of canals, grand squares, beautiful churches, waterfront vistas, ornate bridges and charming gondolas looks even more beautiful during the sunset.