7 Architectural Marvels in Valletta that’ll leave you spellbound

7 Architectural Marvels in Valletta that’ll leave you spellbound

The pretty island nation, Malta’s capital city, Valletta, is a beautiful little gem that looks like an open-air museum! And why won't it - the entire city is listed as a UNESCO heritage site! No wonder then that Architectural Digest named it one of the top destinations back in 2018. Boasting of predominantly a Baroque style architecture, you will also find some buildings and structures in Valletta that have hints of Romanesque, Victorian, Medieval as well as Byzantine architecture styles. And if you are someone who does not understand architecture, worry not, these images of 7 architectural marvels in Valletta will leave you spellbound, nonetheless. And will possibly encourage you to book a trip to Malta immediately!

7 architectural beauties in Valletta, Malta that you must see!

1. Our Lady of Victories Church

Holding a special place in the history of Valletta, the Our Lady of Victories Church is the first building and the first church ever to be built in the city.

2. St. John’s Co-Cathedral

A beautiful example of high Baroque architecture, St. John’s Co-Cathedral will leave you awestruck the minute you step inside; it has wall carvings and intricate ceiling paintings along with a marble floor which double up as carved tombstones for 400 knights. Your Malta holiday will be incomplete without witnessing this fine work of art in Valletta!

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3. Auberge De Castille

A lovely piece of architecture, the Auberge De Castille was built back in the 1500s to house the knights of the Order of Saint John. In the present day, this beauty houses the Prime Minister of Malta’s office.

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4. Triton Fountain

A Modernist landmark in its own right, the Triton Fountain is one of the most photographed fountains in Valletta and possibly in entire Malta!

5. Grandmaster’s Palace

Dating back to the late 1500s, the Grandmaster’s Palace now houses the President of Malta’s offices as well as the House of Representatives. While on your tour of this place, do check out the Palace Armoury located on its premises. Also read: Discover Malta - The 'Sun And Sea' Holiday Destination!

6. Parliament building

Inaugurated in 2015, the New Parliament building in Valletta looks like it belongs in a sci-fi movie! Built to be environment friendly, did you know that the roof of this building has been lined with solar panels that generate enough energy to keep it warm during the winters and cold during the summers?

7. Lower Barrakka Gardens

Perched atop the St. Christopher’s Bastion and offering great views of the Grand Harbour, the Lower Barrakka Gardens offer a soothing break from the city’s hustle bustle. Hope these images have motivated you enough to visit Valletta soon! The only tip we can leave you with is that you should carry a really good camera with you, to capture the intricate and enthralling details of these architectural marvels.
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