7 Top Tourist Destinations in Armenia That Should Be On Your Bucket...

7 Top Tourist Destinations in Armenia That Should Be On Your Bucket List

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With a spread of scattered ancient monasteries, medieval monuments, quaint historic villages, and breath-taking landscapes, Armenia presents a rather enticing concoction to its travelers. Come to Armenia to find yourself enamoured by rich cultures, and histories as ancient as tragic. Here is a list of some of the top Armenia tourist attractions that will give you a rousing glimpse into the stories of this mysterious land.

Top Places to Visit in Armenia!

1. Monastery of Geghard

HolidayMe_Armenia-tourist-attractions-Gerghard-monastery_Shutterstock_240287407.jpgPartly carved out of a mountain, and erected amidst towering cliffs, Armenia’s stunning Geghard monastery is hands down one of the best displays of medieval Armenian architecture. The monastery is home to several rock-cut tombs and churches, and is known to have been around since before the 4th century. Its main chapel is known to be built in 1215. Besides its religious importance, the monastery promises mind-boggling vistas of the surrounding Azat River gorge, making it one of best tourist spot in Armenia.  

2. Tatev Monastery

HolidayMe_Armenia_tourist-attractions-Tatev Monastery_255067258.jpgOne of the most spectacular examples of all Armenia tourist attractions, the Tatev Monastery is one of the oldest and most popular monastery complexes in the country. Continuing your Armenia sightseeing trip, you must visit this historically rich monastery. Dating back to the 9th century, the monastery played a vital role in Armenian history, being a major educational and spiritual centre back in the day. Perched on the edge of a gorge, against the backdrop of soaring mountains, the views of Tatev Monastery are simply breath-taking!

3. Republic Square

republic square Occupying the heart of Yerevan, Armenia’s ancient capital city, the Republic Square is one of the most beautiful places in Armenia. Also referred to as “Yerevan Square”, the square sports a timeless façade with its oval roundabout and a section that features a pool and musical fountains. Around the square, one can find charming buildings built in neoclassical style, including famous landmarks like the National Art Gallery, the Central Post Office, the Government House, and the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources.

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4. The Cascade

HolidayMe_Armenia_tourist-attractions-The Cascade_398403559.jpgLinking the downtown Kenton area of Yerevan with the Monument neighbourhood, the Cascade is a massive stairway in the Armenian capital, and one the best places to visit in Yerevan. Located in the centre of Yerevan, the Cascade is within close proximity to other staggering landmarks such the Matenadaran and the Opera and Ballet Theatre. The Cascade complex comprises of a beautiful, monumental stairway with a series of escalators, and an elaborate network of courtyards, outdoor gardens, and halls with intricate architecture displaying the rich cultural heritage and history of Armenia.

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5. Village of Garni

HolidayMe_Armenia_tourist-attractions-Village of Garni_245764555.jpgReplete with rich history and ancient secrets, visiting the historic village of Garni is something that no sane visitor would miss out on! The village is packed with an incredible collection of historical and architectural monuments dating back to the Hellinistic and early Christian era – the most famous one being the iconic Garni Temple. An iconic masterpiece of Hellinistic architecture, the Garni Temple is the pagan temple of the Sun, and perhaps one of the best structural symbols of pre-Christian Armenia. Other impressive attractions here include the Garni Fortress, Mashtots Hayrapet Church, Surb Astvatsatsin Church, Khumarzham Church, and the Garni Gorge.

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6. Jermuk

HolidayMe_Armenia_tourist-attractions-Jermuk_103743014.jpgMeander your way through a deep gorge and arrive at the famous spa town of Jermuk, nestled amidst scenic mountains clad with lush forests. The town is highly sought-after for its unique hot springs, thermal mineral water springs and geysers, which are further used for drinking, healing, and medicinal purposes. Visitors also throng the city for its cascading waterfalls, shimmering lakes, enchanting walking trails, and the fresh mountain air which makes Jermuk one of the most beautiful cities to visit in Armenia.

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7. Matenadaran

HolidayMe__Armenia_tourist-attractions-Matenadaran_433117624.jpgA haven for history lovers and bibliophiles alike, Armenia’s Matenadaran is one of the planet’s richest repository of ancient books and manuscripts spanning a vast range of subjects, including literature, art, history, medicine, philosophy, science, geography, and more. The Matenadaran is home to over 17,000 manuscripts and more than 30,000 documents. So in case you were wondering about Armenia famous places, these were some you need to see on your next visit to this beautiful land.
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