Around the world through the power of friendship

Around the world through the power of friendship


Six strangers coming from different cultural backgrounds set off last month on a unique journey called “Yuujou” around the world. One team travels east, the other one west. They both started in Berlin, and will journey their way to Tokyo, all within a 100 days. The catch? They will only travel from one friend to another. So the next host is always chosen by the current host. Thus they will make new friends, and at the same time, create a circle of friendship around the world.

These crazy people go on the 100-day journey

The international casting for this 100-day adventure exceeded all expectations: Over 30,000 people from 167 countries applied for the journey. A jury selected the winners after a vigorous casting process. John from India, Panos from Cyprus, Paula from New Zealand, Jed from South Africa and Joey from the USA won one of the five desired places. They travel together with Swiss bestselling-author and former journalist Yvonne Eisenring, who is also one of the founders of Yuujou.

Photo courtesy: Yuujou

Making memories and friends through Georgia and UAE

The route of Team East unfolded from Berlin to Munich, to Vienna and currently, to Budapest. At the moment, the travelers of Team East is very excited about the possibility that they might get to travel through the beautiful countries of Serbia, Georgia and the UAE on their journey to Japan. Will they be able to make ever lasting friendships all over these places?

Photo courtesy: Yuujou

What is Yuujou about?

At its heart, Yuujou is all about what it means: Friendship in Japanese. Founded by two Swiss sisters Yvonne and Corinne Eisenring together with a Swiss internet pioneer Oliver Herren in June 2018, Yuujou is an international media art project with a strong focus on friendship. It aims to inspire more face-to-face-moments and real connections. Through this travel experiment, it tries to create a circle of friendship around the world. If the two teams get to Tokyo only by traveling from friend to friend, the point of Yuujou is proven: We are all connected, not only by digital means, but through real, heartfelt friendship.

Travelers of Team East in Zagreb, Croatia. Photo courtesy: Yuujou

Friendship is the key to a happy life

The founders of Yuujou believe there is nothing more important than friendship, and several large-scale scientific studies have shown similar conclusions: Genuine friends and face-to- face moments are the key to a happy, healthy and long life. Yuujou aims to emphasize the power of friendship by creating meaningful, honest and authentic stories about people who usually stay in the background. The media art-project sets an excellent example for humanity and our inherent kindness, the wonders that can be achieved if we only open ourselves to connecting with our immediate surroundings.

Travelers of Team East in Berlin, Germany. Photo courtesy: Yuujou
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