Happy World Sandwich Day: Around The World In 15 Sandwiches!!

Happy World Sandwich Day: Around The World In 15 Sandwiches!!

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One of the best things that happened to mankind is bread, and one of the best things that happened to bread is a sandwich! A universal favourite, check out how the ingenious human mind has further taken sandwiches to a new level, with the following lip-smacking innovations across the globe.

Bánh mì

Destination: Vietnam

Sandwiches of the world Usually meaning ‘bread’ in Vietnamese, this delicious, mean whopper is packed with meat slices and is topped with an army of other ingredients like cilantro, picked carrots, cucumber, peppers, and jalapenos. Slurrrrp!


Destination: Japan

Yakisoba Pnan, Japan While most of the world are nibbling on meat or veggie sandwiches, the Japanese are busy munching on sandwiches stuffed with fried noodles! Yes, bread stuffed with fried noodles in sauce, topped with carrots, peppers, yakisoba sauce, mayo and pickled ginger. What’s with novelty and the Japanese?

Vada Pav

Destination: India

Vada Pav, India Ask any person in Mumbai what their go-to snack is, and the answer will be Vada Pav! This SUPER-delicious, SUPER-filling sandwich consists of an alluring potato patty tucked away between two slices of pav bread, laced with an assortment of spicy and tangy chutneys, and salted chillies!

Leberkäse semmel

Destination: Germany

Sandwiches of the world A heavenly slice of meat (a mix of bacon, beef, and onions) topped with mustard, wrapped up inside a semmel roll – this is what you’ll find hungry German’s fuelling up on in most café’s across Germany! Interestingly, Leberkäse semmel means “liver cheese” in German, but contains neither liver nor cheese!


Destination: France

CroqueMonsieur Sandwich Regardless whether this sandwich is tasty enough or not, it sure sounds ridiculously classy (blame it on the French)! Initially this might seem like an ordinary grilled ham and cheese sandwich UNTIL you notice the gooey Emmental or Gruyere cheese inside as well as on TOP of the sandwich! Talk about death by cheese!

Döner Kebab

Destination: Turkey

Doner Kebab A sandwich every drunk person swears by! Famous all over the globe, this wicked monster consists of pita bread stuffed with succulent meat slices cooked on a vertical split. Throw in some pickled cucumbers, onions, lettuce, and tomatoes, and the daunting Döner is ready to be annihilated!


Destination: Australia

Vegemite, Australia The Aussies keep their sandwich department pretty simple and uncomplicated – just smear some vegemite and cheese on slices of bread toast, and the job is done! Truly and wholly Australian, vegemite is a brown paste made out leftover yeast, which is apparently one of the richest sources of Vitamin B. Now we know where the Aussies get all that energy from!!


Destination: Spain

Bocadillo Quintessentially Spanish, this dainty sandwich accommodates any kind of meat ranging from ham, chorizo, tuna, to chicken, or even eggs. Supplement the sandwich with mayo, mustard sauce, tomato sauce, ketchup, and aioli, and your tummy won’t stop saying ‘gracias!’ to you!


Destination: Mexico

Cemita When it comes to sandwiches, even the Mexicans have something exclusive to offer! The zesty Cemita, which find its origins in Puebla, Mexico, is essentially an egg-based bread mounded with layers of onions, herbs, white cheese, sliced avocado, and chunky pieced of deep-fried beef! Nom nom.


Destination: Argentina

Choripan A raging hit on the streets of Argentina and beloved across the subcontinent of Latin America, the Choripán consists of a rusty roll featuring split chorizo sausages, laced with chimichurri salsa sauce, vinegar, herbs, garlic and olive oil! Find this little beast and devour it!

Roti john

Destination: Malaysia

Roti John, Malaysia Your street food experience in Malaysia will remain incomplete without savouring the classic roti john. This flavoursome baguette-like sandwich uses ingredients like omelette, meat or fish, complimented with onions, hot sauce, mayo and ketchup, and is also quite a favourite in countries like Singapore and Brunei too!

Chip Butty

Destination: United Kingdom

Chip butty, United Kingdom Smear ketchup on some potato French fries, chuck them between a bun of bread, and England’s Chip Butty is ready! Yes, that’s all. Without a doubt, this has got to be the lamest sandwich on the planet. But hey, as long as it’s delicious and has plenty of carbs, yo’ foodies be lovin’ it!

Media Noche

Destination: Cuba

Media Noche Translating into “midnight” in Spanish, you’ll find this savoury drunk food doing the rounds in Havana, as a late-night, staple, go-to food. Layers of meat, ham, cheese, mustard, and gherkin piled on Cuban bread, Media Noche is what late-night, party-going Cubans binge on.


Destination: Uruguay

Chivito Satiate your craving for a quality, juicy, beef sandwich with the epic Chivito from Uruguay. Along with the palatable slices of beef, this stunner is power-packed with a punch of favours coming from tomatoes, mozzarella, mayo, ham, eggs, bacon, and black or green olives that are thrown in. Definitely worth tracking down!


Destination: Chile

Chile present its contribution to sandwiches with the monstrous, luscious, sumptuous, lip-smacking Chacarero! This goliath of a sandwich is served with an insane heap of steak or other juicy meat, further piled with green beans, chili pepper and tomatoes! Never knew the Chileans took their sandwiches so seriously!
Our Reader Score
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