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The genius who invented the term “Getting there is half the fun”, had probably been let in on a secret we commoners knew nothing about, especially when it comes to today’s top-notch hotels. Be it by air, sea, or aboriginal means of land transport, a lot of vacationers are being treated to authentic and thrilling holiday experiences even before they reach the hotel.

So you can now forget about the boring airport taxi rides. How about arriving to our hotel in a private jet, speedboat or better yet, a paraglider?

ME Ibiza, Spain

This high-end lodger offers guests a transfer to its resort in the owner's private jet! Not only that, the jet will pick you up from your abode with your very own personal crew, and you’ll have your complimentary champagne and an open bar stocked with premium beverages as well as a personalised on-board menu.

Dhoni Island, The Maldives


Maldives is known for its luxury resorts. However, no Maldivian holiday retreat has captured the majesty of water travel quite like Dhoni Island. Set on its own private island, the hotel has only six lodges, four of which have their own plunge pool. And each of this lodge has its own ‘dhoni’- a 65 feet-long traditional wooden boat which, in this case, has been appropriately fitted with fridges and sound theatres. You can choose for a four-hour-long pick up from Male airport in the dhoni, if you’re not in a hurry to reach the island.

Peninsula Hotel, Hong Kong

Hong Kong’s oldest hotel, the Peninsula gives its customers two deluxe pick-up options: a private helicopter ride, or a drive in the hotel’s customised green Rolls Royce Phantoms. Talk about competing with your own opulence, heh?

Leela Palace Hotel, Udaipur


For something a bit more traditional, look no further than India’s Leela Palace Hotel. Located in the middle of Lake Pichola in Udaipur, with stunning views of the Aravalli Mountains as its backdrop, this five-star hotels offers its guests a transfer in a classic, beautifully-styled Rajasthani boat. You’ll also be greeted with a shower of rose petals the moment you step in. Doesn’t get more romantic than this, does it?

Burj Al Arab, Dubai


Dubai’s Burj Al Arab is the pinnacle of luxury in a city which is home to some of the world’s most magnificent hotels. Perhaps, being built on a man-made island, or its unique ‘dhow-shaped’ structure contributes to the fact. Whatever be the case, those lucky enough to stay here, get a chance to arrive at the Burj Al Arab’s own private helicopter on the hotel’s helipad.

La Reserve, Geneva


At Geneva’s La Reserve hotel, guests can opt for a complimentary Motoscafo speed boat ride that’ll take you both, towards the Geneva city centre, or to the hotel. Do expect some spectacular mountain views on the way.

Six Senses Zighy Bay, Oman

This is your chance to make an entrance like the super-spy aka James Bond of the 007 fame. Surrounded by the Hajar Mountains, Oman’s Zighy Bay isn’t an easy spot to get to. So you can arrive by a fairly tame 15 minute speedboat ride, or via an overland jeep through the mountains and desert, or you can paraglide 2,000 feet above sea to reach the hotel. And don’t worry about your luggage, it’ll find its way to your room way before you do!