Azerbaijan Nightlife!

Azerbaijan Nightlife!

Azerbaijan Nightlife
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Nightlife in Baku, Azerbaijan

The people of Azerbaijan love to party, and the best place to soak in the electrifying Azerbaijan nightlife is Baku – the country’s effervescent capital city! As compared to other Azerbaijani cities, Baku nightlife emerges as an undisputed winner! The Azeri’s take their partying a tad seriously, and the modern, cosmopolitan city of Baku leaves no stone unturned in feeding them with nightlife opportunities galore.

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Azerbaijan Nightlife

Azerbaijan nightlife is synonymous to Baku nightlife, and whether you like it quiet or frenzied, there is no dearth of exciting options. From quiet, sophisticated bars where you can savour memorable conversations, to ostentatious Baku nightclubs, where you can dance away till the early hours of dawn, Baku has it all. A plethora of Baku nightclubs have sprung up in the past decade, owing to the influx of expats – a major plus point for Baku tourism! What’s more, even food and drinks in Baku are quite reasonable, as compared to its European counterparts. Baku even has a pulsating live music scene, along with numerous bars, discos and clubs dotting the city.

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Azerbaijan Nightlife

Majority of the action happens around the Fountain Square area, where most of the popular Baku nightclubs, pubs and bars are situated, including hotspots such as the Shakespeare, the Clansman, and O’Malley’s. If you’re looking for the quieter café-bars, the Boulevard is where you should head. For jazz lovers looking to experience the best of Azerbaijan nightlife, there’s the Baku Jazz Centre, which hosts concerts of upcoming jazz artists as well as famous jazz musicians.

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Azerbaijan Nightlife

If your inclination is more towards classical music and theatre, you could catch up with some striking performances at landmarks like Azerbaijan State Opera and Ballet Theatre, Azerbaijan State Philharmonic, Russian Drama Theatre, International Mugham Centre, the Rock Club, and more. If you’re travelling with children, make your way to the Baku Puppet Theatre, for enticing performances from National fairy tales. So if you’re travelling to this fascinating country, be rest assured, the Azerbaijan nightlife will not disappoint you.

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Baku Nightlife Guide

List of popular bars and clubs in Baku

O'Malley's Irish Pub Z.Tagiyev Street, Baku, Azerbaijan
William Shakespeare Ali Zadeh Street 6, Baku, Azerbaijan
The Clansman 9, T. Aliyarbeyov Street, Baku, Azerbaijan
Old School Café Topcubasov 23, Baku, Azerbaijan
Otto Tarlan Aliyarbeyov, Baku, Azerbaijan
Finnegan’s Irish Pub  Alizadeh Street 8, Baku, Azerbaijan
Phoenix Bar and Pub  Yusif Mammadaliyev Street, Baku, Azerbaijan
Pasifico Lounge Sabayli, Baku AZ 1000, Azerbaijan
Eleven Lounge Rashid Behbudov Street, Baku, Azerbaija

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