9 Baked Delicacies From Around The World To Sweeten Your Life!

9 Baked Delicacies From Around The World To Sweeten Your Life!


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While the current pandemic is giving us no respite from the quarantine, we hope these baked foods will give you a delicious reason to look forward to the wonderful times that lie ahead. Ready to go on a baked culinary adventure across the globe? Well, all you knead is some love and a lot of good food!

9 Scrumptious Baked Foods From Around The World

1. Melktert, South Africa

Translating to milk tarts, Melktert is a delicacy that makes everybody feel all gooey and warm on the inside! It is like a time machine - one bite into it will take you back to your childhood days when everything was so simple, innocent and beautiful. It is basically a tart pastry stuffed with a sweet creamy filling of custard-like consistency.

2. Yorkshire Pudding, United Kingdom

The ‘pudding’ in Yorkshire Pudding’s name might throw you off track. It is definitely not a dessert; instead, it is a savoury popover that can be had as it is or with onion gravy or beef gravy or you can even fill it up with mashed potatoes and gravy. Mouth watering already?! Book this incredible holiday package to the UK and bite into a Yorkshire pudding ASAP!

3. Mooncake, China

If you happen to visit China during the mid-autumn festival (a traditional harvest festival celebrated during a full moon), you have to dig into the scrumptious mooncake which is baked specially during this time. Essentially a baked pastry filled with either lotus seed paste or red bean paste, mooncakes carry the stamp of the Mandarin character of harmony along with the stamp of the baker and a few other symbols that represent the moon and the harvest, for decoration.

4. Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte, Germany

If you are not familiar with the German language, Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte might feel like a tongue twister! But you already know this delicacy by its easy, more popular name - the mouthwatering Black forest cake! Originating in the Black Forest region of Germany, this cake/ gateau is made using heavenly cherry brandy and farm fresh cherries.

5. Rocambole, Brazil

The Rocambole is a simple yet delicious rolled sponge cake that is layered with guava marmalade or dulce de leche which is a toffee sauce made by boiling and reducing condensed milk.

6. Apple pie, USA

This one probably needs no introduction! Having its origins in Europe (some say England, some say Netherlands), the apple pie has now become an integral part of the cuisine of USA. Best had with a scoop (or a tub!) of vanilla ice-cream, some people also love their deliciously baked apple pies with some whipped cream or cheese. You know the best way to reach USA and indulge in this yummy treat? Why, this cool travel package of course!

7. Basbousa, Egypt

When you visit Egypt to be awestruck by the pyramids or to gently row down the Nile, you should also take a bite of its Basbousa. Also known as Hareeseh, Basbousa is a dense yet super soft, syrupy, baked sweet dish made of semolina, ghee, sugar, coconut and milk. Sometimes, nuts such as hazelnuts or almonds are added as a topping to the finished product. Baked to perfection, this sweet is now popular across the Middle East as well.

8. Crème brûlée, France

L'eau à la bouche! That’s French for ‘mouth-watering’, something that perfectly describes your experience of having a crème brûlée in France. An enjoyable dessert made up of creamy custard topped with hard caramel, this one is a must for every foodie visiting la France! And while there, you should also indulge in some of these 10 classic French pastries and desserts.

9. Lamingtons, Australia

Although now available everywhere in the world, the experience of biting into a Lamington while touring Australia is almost surreal. And there’s nothing in a Lamington that you won’t like - it has all the perfect ingredients- a sponge cake/ butter cake dipped in chocolate sauce and then coated in desiccated coconut. See, just reading about it got you salivating didn’t it?! Now that you have come to the end of this baked culinary adventure, all we can do is quit loafing around and give you a good piece of advice - life is what you bake of it! Ok, we will stop with the buns now…oops, we meant puns!
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