Halal Travel: Top 10 Halal Friendly Hotels Around The World

Halal Travel: Top 10 Halal Friendly Hotels Around The World

Best Halal Friendly Hotels - Maradiva Villas and Resort, Mauritius
Maradiva Villas and Resort, Mauritius
Till a few years ago, countries like Saudi Arabia, UAE and other Middle East countries were the only popular halal holiday destinations. However, things have changed for good for Muslim travellers. Nowadays, Muslims have started traversing through the length and breadth of the globe, and the host nations now offer facilities catering specifically to their needs. More and more countries and destinations are now adhering to halal requirements for Muslims. Halal friendly hotels are cropping up with much fanfare, while halal restaurants and halal street food are adding to the charm of several destinations. Earlier, planning a halal holiday with family used to be a challenge but not anymore. Muslim travellers are not just restricted to traditional halal destinations. Even top travel destinations like London, Paris, and Tokyo now have several good halal friendly hotels, catering to the religious and cultural requirements for Muslim travellers, leading to perfect halal holidays. Check out some of the best halal friendly hotels from around the world.  READ MORE: Check Out The Top 10 Halal-Friendly Holiday Destinations Of 2019

Top halal friendly hotels in the world

1. Best halal friendly hotel in London – The Dorchester Hotel

Halal Friendly Hotels - The Dorchester Hotel, London
The Dorchester Hotel, London

The Dorchester Hotel is a five-star luxury property located in Mayfair, London. This famous hotel is known for its 3-star Michelin-Starred restaurant - Alain Ducasse in Dorchester. The hotel also offers an all-halal restaurant - China Tang. The Dorchester Hotel is also known for its British Afternoon Tea, a typical British tradition. Dorchester Hotel’s location in central London makes it one of the best halal friendly hotels in London. There are several popular attractions of London within the vicinity including the likes of Buckingham Palace, Hyde Park, Trafalgar Square, Big Ben, Westminster Square, London Eye and Tower of London. Halal facilities, central London location, and plenty of luxury and comfort will ensure a wonderful halal vacation in London for Muslim travellers.

Halal Facilities:

  • Halal food at China Tang restaurant.
  • Pork-free cooking.
  • Female only spa facilities.
  • Qur'an available on request.
  • The direction of prayer indicated in the rooms.
  • Arabic TV channels available.
  • Prayer mat available on request.
  • Non-alcoholic minibar on request. 
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2. Best halal friendly hotel in Paris – Relais Christine

Halal Friendly Hotel - Relais Christine, Paris
Relais Christine, Paris
Relais Christine is a beautiful 5-star boutique hotel, located in the historic quarter of Saint-Germain-des-Paris of Paris. Set in a 17th-century mansion and a picturesque garden, Relais Christine is one of the best halal friendly hotels in Paris. Its location is the biggest advantage for both the first-time travellers and regular Paris visitors. Nearby attractions of Paris that are located within the vicinity are  Notre Dame Cathedral, Louvre Museum, Opera Garnier, Pont Neuf, Arc de Triomphe, and many more. The charm of old Paris coupled with excellent service and modern facilities will ensure a highly memorable and comfortable halal holiday in Paris.

Halal Facilities:

  • Non-alcoholic minibar (on request).
  • Female therapists available in spas.
  • Female-only changing facilities.
  • Copies of Qur'an (on request).
  • Halal food available (on request).
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3. Best halal friendly hotel in Tokyo – Park Hyatt Tokyo

Halal Friendly Hotels - Park Hyatt Tokyo, Japan
Park Hyatt Tokyo, Japan
Tokyo, Japan is one of the trendiest destinations for Muslim travellers. Tokyo’s neon-lit streets, high rises, delicious food, and rich cultural treasures are attracting tourists from Islamic countries. Halal facilities are now not a challenge anymore in Tokyo, as halal hotels and halal food are now quite popular and available. Among the top halal friendly hotels in Japan’s capital is Park Hyatt Tokyo. Located in the Shinjuku area known for neon-lit lively streets. The hotel rooms offer sprawling views of Mount Fuji as well. Nearby Shinjuku train station makes it ideal for travelling within the city and country. Shinjuku area is also perfect for shopping, eating and enjoying leisurely strolls. Overall, Park Hyatt Tokyo is one of the best hotels in Japan for enjoying a delightful halal holiday.

Halal Facilities:

  • Shuttle service.
  • Concierge service.
  • Free Wi-Fi.
  • Qur'an available (on request).
  • Halal food available (on request).
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4. Best halal friendly hotel in Istanbul – Ajwa Hotel Sultanahmet

Halal Friendly Hotels - Ajwa Hotel Sultanahmet
Ajwa Hotel Sultanahmet, Istanbul
Istanbul remains one of the top visited destination in the world for Muslim travellers. This beautiful city is known for delightful palaces, mosques, sumptuous halal food, luxury halal hotels, and plenty of rich cultural attractions. One highly recommended halal friendly hotel in Istanbul is the five-star property of The Ajwa Hotel Sultanahmet. This wonderful hotel boasts of not just being the most halal-friendly hotels in Istanbul, but also in the world. Located in the Fatih area of Istanbul and close to numerous attractions, this exquisite Ottoman-style hotel is known for its Halal certified kitchen and halal restaurants. Several mosques are also available in the area. Some of the nearby landmarks are Hagia Sophia, Spice Bazaar, Galata Tower, Grand Bazaar, Suleymaniye Mosque, etc. Ajwa Hotel Sultanahmet is certainly among the top halal friendly hotels in the world and will ensure a delightful halal holiday in Turkey for Muslim travellers.

Halal Facilities:

  • Prayer mats on request.
  • Halal food.
  • Prayer time and attire.
  • Rooms have marked Qibla direction.
  • Separate pool hours for women.
  • Mosques are also available within the area.
  • Halal breakfasts.
  • Halal room service.
  • Halal Iftar and Suhoor.
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5. Best halal friendly hotel in Singapore – Fairmont Singapore

Halal Friendly Hotels - Fairmont Hotel, Singapore
Fairmont Hotel, Singapore
The moment you step through the doors of exceptionally well-equipped Fairmont Singapore, you will experience the true charm of Chinatown and its rich culture. This luxury boutique hotel is located  2 km from Marina Bay, Singapore and offers chic rooms decorated with original native art. Some rooms feature soaking tubs or private decks. Suites include sitting areas and in-room aromatherapy. The hotel also has halal restaurants preparing and serving halal food exclusively and separate from non-halal food. There are alcohol-free rooms as well along with several halal services. The Fairmont Singapore offers everything a halal friendly traveller need for a wonderful halal holiday in Singapore.

Halal facilities:

• Halal certified kitchen. • Mosque nearby. • Alcohol-free rooms. • Halal restaurant. • In-room aromatherapy. READ MORE: 2 Days In Singapore: See This Stunning City In 48 Hours!

6. Best halal friendly hotel in Abu Dhabi – Jumeirah at Etihad Towers

Halal Friendly Hotels - Jumeirah at Etihad Towers, Abu Dhabi
Jumeirah at Etihad Towers, Abu Dhabi
Majestically rising from its beachside setting, overlooking the Arabian Gulf and Corniche, the Jumeirah at Etihad Towers in Abu Dhabi offers a wealth of upscale halal restaurants and shopping avenues. The award-winning luxury hotel in Abu Dhabi offers numerous unique venues for conferences, meetings and social events. Whether you prefer to spend most of your time strolling along the glorious private beach or being pampered in the Talise Spa – the best spa therapy to be found in the Middle East, the resort will never disappoint you. Your search for "Abu Dhabi halal hotels" ends here! 

Halal facilities:

• Gourmet halal fine-dining. • Mosque nearby. • Alcohol-free rooms. • Private spa suites. • Private beach. • Exclusive spa. • Camel riding and desert experiences. READ MORE: Gold Souk: Abu Dhabi’s Ultimate Destination For Gold Shopping

7. Best halal friendly hotel in Bangkok - Nouvo City Hotel

Halal Friendly Hotel - Nouvo City Hotel, Bangkok
Nouvo City Hotel, Bangkok
Nouvo City Hotel is a 4-star halal certified hotel located in the historic neighbourhood of Bangkok. The hotel is known for its excellent facilities for Muslim travellers to ensure memorable halal holidays in Bangkok. It has several delightful halal restaurants, praying facilities, and several other halal services on request like prayer timetable, visit a nearby mosque, etc. During Ramadan, the hotel also arranges for halal iftar and suhoor, plus there is no serving of alcohol, discotheque, gambling, and adult channels in the hotel. 

Halal Facilities:

• Halal certified by the Central Islamic Council of Thailand. • Halal food and restaurants. • Prayer facilities (prayer mats and dress on request). • Ramadan Iftar and Suhoor halal buffet. • Visit a nearby mosque for Eid prayers. • No adult channels, discotheque, gambling in the hotel. READ MORE: 2 Days In Bangkok – Explore The Best Of The Thai Capital!

8. Best halal friendly hotel in Bali – The Elysian

Halal Friendly Hotels - The Elysian Boutique Villa, Bali, Indonesia
The Elysian Boutique Villa, Bali, Indonesia
Call it a paradise or a heaven of stupendous luxury and privacy; the Elysian Boutique Villa located at the southern end of Bali, Indonesia is a delightful halal friendly resort. The facilities include private villa and equipped with top-notch amenities like a private pool and a tropical garden. The Elysian offers so much more for Muslim travellers. Delicious halal food, a mosque in the vicinity for prayers, and plenty of comfort and luxury to ensure a comfortable halal vacation for Muslim travellers.

Halal facilities:

• Halal dining options. • Alcohol-free villas. • Private pools villas. • Private plunge pool. • Alfresco dining area. • Sunken Bathtub. • Female spa therapists. • Mosque nearby. READ MORE: Top Places To Visit In Bali, Indonesia

9. Best halal friendly hotel in Mauritius – Maradiva

Best Halal Friendly Hotels - Maradiva Villas and Resort, Mauritius
Maradiva Villas and Resort, Mauritius
Maradiva Villas and Resort is one of the top halal resorts in the world. This exclusively private resort is intimate, luxurious, and caters to Muslim travellers' requests. The one-of-its-kind luxury boutique villa on the West Coast of Mauritius, Maradiva offers luxury villas in a setting of tranquillity and nature. Maradiva offers an unparalleled experience straight out of your dreams. Get fascinated by the authentic Mauritian experience and embrace the harmony, luxury and a personalised experience of Mauritius, while enjoying a pleasant halal holiday. 

Halal facilities:

• Halal dining options. • Private plunge pool. • Mosques nearby. • Alcohol-free villas. • Female and male-only spa treatments. • Private Pool. • Private Garden. • Outdoor Garden Showers. • Direct access to a beach. READ MORE: Must Visit Places Of Mauritius

10. Best halal friendly hotel in Seychelles – Maia Luxury Resort and Spa

Halal Friendly Hotel - Maia Luxury Resort Spa, Seychelles
Maia Luxury Resort Spa, Seychelles
Maia Luxury Resort and Spa is spread in a 30-acres of an award-winning garden, that will delight your senses with trees and herbs in natural surroundings. Surrounded by lush greenery, the Maia Luxury Resort and Spa is one of the most luxurious resort on the idyllic island of Mahe in Seychelles. Rediscover your senses dulled by the hustle and bustle of life, as the resort offers a dazzling array of exclusive villas dotted with spectacular ocean views, access to a pristine beach, and interiors inspired by contemporary African and Asian decor. Everything combines perfectly in Maia Luxury Resort and Spa to provide an ultimate halal vacation in Seychelles.

Halal facilities:

• Halal dining options. • Private pools in villas. • Alcohol-free villas. • Female butlers. • Female spa therapists. • Private pool. • Outdoor dining area. • Personalised service. • Exclusive Spa. READ MORE: A Paradise In The Indian Ocean: Top Things To Do In Seychelles
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