Best Hidden Sweet Gems in Dubai

Best Hidden Sweet Gems in Dubai

Best Hidden Sweet Gems in Dubai
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Colorful Maracons at Looshi’sLooshi’s

Looshi’s is famous for two things – its tasty macaroons and glorious mini-cake and pies. With a wide, colourful array of flavours, Looshi’s macaroons is a contender for Ladurée’s soft confectionaries, and it even offers macaroon milkshakes to boot. The cakes and pies are equally delicious, with peanut butter, caramel crunch and creamy chocolate fudge centres that will leave you swooning after the first bite, and pies so quaint and crumbly they just melt in your mouth.

chocolate cake at Sukar House of Desserts

Sukar House of Desserts

Sukar is as sweet as its namesake (“sukar” is sugar in Arabic), a lovely store located in Jumeriah Lake Towers, with a display of wonderful treats that changes each day. Try the Ultimate 7-layer Chocolate Cake, or indulge in a delicious banoffee pie with whipped cream and your favourite toppings. Sukar’s cheesecakes are divine, ranging from Red Velvet to Blueberry to Ferrero Rocher, and of course – Sukar’s unique invention – the Knafeh Cheesecake that blends a well-loved Arabic dessert with a favourite Western one.

caramel éclair at éclair


If you’re a fan of éclairs, then this shop is your match made in heaven. Besides the classic milk chocolate éclair with its creamy centre, Éclair offers unique flavours that would make you wonder if such combinations actually work. From its Japanese green matcha tea éclairs to their passion fruit coated, mascarpone-centred treats, the shop’s display is a dazzling array of colours.  Their salted caramel éclair is divine, their rose and pistachio one delightful… and of course you must try their dates éclair, one made especially for the Arab Gulf.

Chocolate Chip Cookies at Ben’s Cookies

Ben’s Cookies

Ben’s Cookies could be easily missed – it’s only a stall located in the Dubai Mall’s lowest level – were it not for its amazing display of mouth-watering cookies. You might say that you can buy cookies anywhere, but Ben’s are something else entirely; larger, thicker, chocolatier, with a soft chewiness to them that will leave you begging for more. Try from an array of double chocolate cookies, macadamia nut cookies, white chocolate cookies and many more!

Rice Pudding at Rice Creamery

 Rice Creamery

Go back to basics and childhood memories with Rice Creamery’s delicious rice puddings – with a twist! Rice Creamery claims that only four steps are needed to attain the perfect rice pudding, one even your grandmother would be proud of! Pick a pudding flavour – from caramel to chocolate to mango and more! – choose a size, top it off from a wide selection of choices then freshen up with a nice drink such as their much-recommended Karak tea.

meat pie at Home Bakery

Home Bakery

This exquisite bakery is a sweet tooth’s paradise, featuring a wide array of cakes (how about a slice of Sticky Date with Butterscotch Sauce?), cookies (we bet you never had a Caramel Popcorn cookie before!), yummy bread loafs (Almond & Saffron anyone?), tarts, pies, cookies, macaroons and so much more! Home Bakery also offers a wonderful selection of drinks to complement your sweet treats and savoury breakfasts, too.

danish pastries at Yamanote Atelier

Yamanote Atelier

Yamanote is a little piece of Japan found in Dubai. It offers a scrumptious collection of Japanese sweets and baked goodies, from delicious Danish pastries of different flavours and combinations; sweet breads such as its adorable Totoro Buns and their tangy Orange Cream Buns; not to mention their desserts - Japanese/Western fusions such as Matcha Mouss and Yuzu. Try their savoury croquette buns and curry doughnuts too; you won’t find them anywhere else!