Travel Alert! Check The 8 Best Places To Visit In May

Travel Alert! Check The 8 Best Places To Visit In May

Best places to visit in May - Miami, Florida, USA
Miami Beach, Florida, USA

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Planning to travel in May but confused about where to go? Let us give you a short preview – you can witness the stunning cherry blossoms of Japan that will rekindle your belief in magic, attend the Primavera Sound festival in Spain – an unmissable music festival featuring the best artists from the world, or see the most stunning sunset of your life from a picture-perfect beach in the Maldives. Feeling excited about all the places you can travel during the month of May? Read on to know more 8 amazing destinations that are simply perfect for a May vacation.

Best places to visit in May

1. Japan: For beautiful cherry blossoms!

Best places to visit in May - Mount Fuji, Japan
Mount Fuji, Japan
Konnichiwa! Welcome to the land of the rising sun! May is the absolute best time to visit Japan to witness the famous white and pink cherry blossoms. During this time, the entire country is in a festive mode as it witnesses its biggest festival season during Golden Week and as an added bonus there is a special Sumo competition that is organized during this time. Once here, watch out for all the quirky contradictions that Japan is famous for. Don't forget to try delicious Japanese food in Tokyo and make it a point to visit the highly recommended Japanese city of Kyoto. Japan is certainly among the best holiday destinations in May.  READ MORE: 8 Places Outside Japan Where You’ll Witness Beautiful Cherry Blossoms

2. Spain: For a hot music festival in Barcelona!

Best places to visit in May - Barcelona
Barcelona, Spain
Hola, welcome to Spain, a country that knows how to have a good time! Spain is an interesting mix of diverse culture and modern aesthetics and boasts of three world-class cities – Barcelona, Madrid, & ValenciaThe month of May is less-crowded and therefore, it's the ideal time to enjoy all the pretty sights in peace. Another plus point for visiting in May is a chance to attend festivals like Primavera Sound festival in Barcelona, Feria Del Caballo (Horse Fair) in Jerez, Noche en Blanca (White Night) in Malaga, Fiestas de San Isidro in Madrid and Fiesta de los Patios in Cordoba. Spain is among the best places to visit in Europe in May! READ MORE: While In Spain, Think Beyond Tapas: Top Spanish Food To Feast Upon!

3. Maldives: For amazing surfing and diving in a tropical paradise!

Best places to visit in May - Maldives
For those who enjoy the beach, we suggest you head straight to the Maldives, a beautiful tropical beach paradise. During this month you will experience some rainfall, but the rates will be cheaper, with a bonus of fewer crowds as well. Those into surfing and diving will not only find the best of surfing and underwater life at this time, but they’ll also get cheaper gear for rent. Shops also offer special discounts on souvenirs, accessories, and clothes. What’s more, UAE residents get the visa-on-arrival in the Maldives! Looking for wonderful beach destinations in May to relax and rejuvenate? Maldives certainly fits the bill and is among the best places to visit in Asia.  READ MORE: Top 5 Honeymoon Resorts In Maldives

4. Eastern Seaboard, USA: For a bit of everything!

Best places to visit in May - Eastern Seaboard, USA
New York, USA
Head over to the United States of America if you want to be blown away by a sheer diversity of attractions that you can visit in May. This vast country has several geographic zones and regions that it's practically impossible to travel the entire country at one go. However,  we recommend that you focus on the Eastern Seaboard of USA. Also, known as the East Coast of USA, this region used to be the original area of the 13 colonies that fought for American Independence. Some of the Best places to visit in Eastern Seaboard includes, New York – famous for its museums, restaurants, and theatres, Philadelphia – a UNESCO World Heritage city famous for its cheesesteaks and freedom trails, Miami for scenic beaches and plenty of nightlife, Washington DC for its iconic landmarks, Boston for its historic trails and landmarks, and New Orleans – a city dominated by stylish jazz. The Eastern seaboard is also easier to reach from the Middle East and Europe and is one of the best May holiday destinations. READ MORE: Here’s Why We Think New Orleans Is The Most Interesting City In The US

5. Turkey: For amazing cultural experiences in an exotic country!

Best places to visit in May - Turkey
For those whose idea of an ideal holiday includes visiting mountain ranges, villages, beaches, cities, and valleys, Turkey is a must-visit in May. A country that stretches across both Europe and Asia, Turkey is filled with a lot of unique attractions. Istanbul, it's main tourism destination has carved a reputation for offering a mix of amazing cultural experiences, be it a cruise in the Bosporus, delicious food, nightlife, cultural treasures, shopping, etc. Don’t forget to visit Hagia Sophia – an incredible museum with an extraordinary history, and the Grand Bazaar – a special marketplace that sells literally everything under the sun! Another benefit of Turkey is its short flight duration from the Middle East and that makes it one of the best places to visit in May in Asia. READ MORE: 10 Hidden Gems Of Turkey

6. Georgia: For a quick summer escapade in a cool Caucasian country

Best places to visit in May - Georgia
Want to take off on a quick getaway in May? Then Georgia is just the place you are looking for! Georgia is not only extraordinarily stunning with a presence of dense forests, Caucasian mountains, vineyards, and beaches, but also travelling to the country is extremely affordable! It's also cool and has a pleasant climate. So, if you're looking for a vacation to beat the heat and searching for a cool climate destination, pick Georgia without any worries. It's comparatively cooler compared to the Middle East. short flight duration and budget-friendly hotels and sightseeings make it one of the best budget getaways in May from the Middle East. Make sure to spend some quality time exploring Tbilisi – the capital city that offers the best of both, new-world as well as old-world attractions. READ MORE: Georgia In May

7. London: For a stylish European break in the British Capital!

Best places to visit in May - London
London, United Kingdom
If you want to visit a stylish European city this May, you must visit London – one of the most popular cities in the world. You will not find a better place if you like history, culture, and art. The bonus is good weather! In May, you can also attend Museums at Night – a special event where the iconic museums put up an exceptional show for visitors, as well as the Chelsea Flower Show. London's famed nightlife, dining scene, shopping, culturally rich museums and plenty of attractions make it one of the most visited cities in the world. One of the top vacation spots in May, London in May is the starting of the English summer. It's the time when the countryside looks lush green and rains are a regular occurrence. Head towards the Lake District or the Mountain District to enjoy the famed English natural landscapes. READ MORE: Football, Food And Films: London’s Must Have Experiences!

8. Czech Republic: For Bohemian churches, castles, and cafes!

Best places to visit in May
Czech Republic
Visiting this popular European country should be a must if you’re looking to explore a delightful Europan destination packed with a variety of attractions. Right from the charming cobbled streets to amazing architecture, to the mysterious Bohemian forests, Czech Republic surprises everyone who lands here. So, If you find yourself in the country in May, do not forget to check out the café scene of Prague, a city that is quickly becoming the intellectual and artistic hub of Europe! This charming central European country is among the best places to visit in May! READ MORE: 6 Of The Best Reasons To Visit Prague In Spring Interested in travelling to these places and few others in May? Check out our easy guide for the best places to visit in May!
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