Seven Unbelievable Places You Did Not Know Muscat Has!

Seven Unbelievable Places You Did Not Know Muscat Has!

Muscat: A historic & a poetically beautiful city.
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There is a different kind of beauty to Muscat, the capital city and the power centre of the Sultanate of Oman. With an ocean leading into the city and mountains standing guard, Muscat really feels like a poet’s creation. While it has progressed steadfastly to the tunes of time, Muscat has preserved the spirit of the old times that made it a historic port of immense significance. All of this combines into a strong reason to make it a top tourist destination. Here are some of the best places to see in Muscat.

Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque

Sultan Qaboos Mosque: A magical mosque. The mosque not only brings to life the magical Arabian tales, but also takes your breath away by the sheer presence of its structure. One step inside the hall and you cannot help but agree that the mosque deserves to be called nothing short of Grand. The size of the hall is enormous (capacity of 20,000) and houses wonderful and unique objects. One example of that is the second largest hand loomed carpet in the world housed here. What makes the carpet extraordinarily unique is not only its tremendous cultural value, but also the fact that it took six hundred women over four years to finish weaving it.

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Mutrah Corniche

Mutrah Corniche: Visitor's favorite Routinely described by visitors as their favourite, take a walk down this scenic pathway with an ocean full of dhows for company. If you are lucky, you will get to see one of the Sultan’s super yacht docked here! The added bonus is the presence of the interesting Mutrah souq nearby. Try to take a sunset walk here if you can – the experience just cannot be captured in words. Make sure you see this must-see place in Muscat.

Mutrah Souq

Mutrah Souq: The old market place of Oman. Souqs are unlike any other market place in the western hemisphere. Their speciality lies in preserving the old charm of doing business and adding just a touch of culture, which gives a downright magical feel to the routine activity of buying and selling here. With gates that make you feel as if you are entering a different world altogether, the Mutrah souq adds more layers to its magic by placing unique coffee houses, perfume, Bedouin jewel and gold shops along its long passages, all under one closed roof. All of that makes a visit to one of the best place in Muscat a must. See more places like Mutrah Souq, in this list.

Bait al Zubair

This private museum is a unique dive into the Omani heritage. Housed in a building which used to be the residence of Oman’s famous merchant Mohammad Al Zubair, the museum has unique artefacts tastefully displaying the rich art, culture and heritage associated with Oman. You will certainly enjoy your time looking at the range of objects as diverse as weapons to books, in this calm and peaceful museum.

Royal Opera House Muscat

ROYAL OPERA HOUSE: The musical heart of Oman. Attention Opera lovers of the world! If you ever find yourself in Oman, you are in for a very nice surprise. Thanks to the music loving sultan, Oman has its very own world-class royal opera house. Housed in a stunning building made by the famous architectural firm, Carillion Alawi, it is able to strike a fine balance between the centuries old Omani culture and the state-of-the-art modern technology that brings the musical notes of the opera to life. The venue continues to build on its reputation of hosting world-class performances and local Arabian productions.

The National Museum

This recently opened museum lives up to its name by displaying the history of Oman in an unmatched class. Located opposite the King’s Palace, the enormous space of this museum is used to tastefully display more than five thousand artefacts and objects which narrate Oman’s story starting from its birth and ending with the present times of modern-day Oman.

Al Alam Palace

Al Alam Palace: The royal palace of Oman Another way to take in Muscat is to revel in a stroll along one of the most majestic palaces in all of Oman. Al Alam has been rightly described as the shiniest and most exuberant of all the Islamic architectures in Oman. There isn’t a better way to understand Oman than spending time at the national museum and then taking a walk outside the vast blue and golden palace. Want more ideas for places to see in Oman?  Here it is. Hope you enjoyed the list. If you want any recommendations for hotels or packages for Muscat, write to us in the comments below.