Best places to take your date around the world!

Best places to take your date around the world!

Camping at lake and beautiful sunset
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Planning to do something extra-ordinary for your date? Want to surprise your date in the most unorthodox pleasant way?  Ditch the regular bars, parks, cafes or multiplexes and sweep your date off her/his feet as you visit these heavenly places.

The Adventure Junkies

Where to head to: New Zealand

White water rafting

Adrenaline pumping, thrill seeking, bold, audacious if you, as couple, take pride in being referred with those adjectives; you would definitely love to visit the gorgeous lands of New Zealand and discover its sporty side. Zip lining, Jet boating, skydiving, off-road driving, caving, bungee jumping etc.  What would you choose first?

What would you need: a Safety gear and undying enthusiasm..

 The Solitude Seekers

Where to head to: Gasadalur Village, Faroe Islands, Denmark.

Faeroe Islands

If you are one of those who find clubs too noisy, cafes too impersonal and long to take your date to an incredible place where there would be no nosy waitresses, no annoying toddlers or pesky salesmen… just you and your partner and the enormity of Mother Nature: Gasadalur Village, Denmark is for you.

What would you won’t need: Ego!

The Lavish Couple

Where to head to: Venice, Italy.

Venice Sunset

Feeling indulgent? Want to impersonate Mr. Christian Grey and woo your darling? Then, Venice is the place to be! Whether it is affable weather, Refosco wine, delectable food or splendid infrastructure, Venice is a paradise in the truest sense. Imagine, riding a slightly rocking gondola and the gondolier humming a sweet tune while you enjoy the ambience with your loved one, magical isn’t it?

What would you would need: a large heart and lots of money!

The Back-Packers

Where to head to: Pokhara, Nepal

Dhaulagiri Peak Spring Blossoming Rhododendrons

There are couple who would not mind hitchhiking a ride, sleeping in tents and eating with locals as they go hoping city to city and re-discovering themselves. For them, the backpackers, Pokhara is an idyllic destination. Absorb the views of the Annapurna mountain range, trek to a waterfall or stay at a safari camp, there is so much to do and so much to explore.

What would you need: Sneakers and a comfortable rucksack!

 The Beach Bums

Where to head to: White Haven Beach, Australia.

The WhiteHaven Beach

If you or your partner or both, qualify to what it is called as “Beach bums”, just pack your bags and fly to be at one of the best beach destinations of the world, White Haven Beach, Australia. Seemingly endless ocean, acres of spotless white sand, with a right proportion of vegetation and population throw in, what else would entail a perfect date, if this is not?

What would you need: Sunscreen lotion and an appetite for sea food and Australian beer!

The Foodies

Where to head to: New Delhi, India

Food in Delhi My personal favourite: People who would not mind traveling high and low for the love of food. If you and you sweetheart are true blue food lovers, you should definitely visit the food mecca of the world: New Delhi. Stuffed dry fruit parantha at Paranthe wali gali, Chandani chowk; lip-smacking chaat at Delhi Haat; heavenly Dal Bukhara at Maurya Sheraton; and the butter chicken at Darayaganj; talk about Foodgasms !!!

What would you need: Hajmola!

The Mush Lovers

Where to head to: Ushuaia, Argentina.

The beautiful small town of Ushuaia, Argentina

Looking for romantic yet non-cliché places for your date? Do you say ‘I would go to the end of the world’ and mean it? Well then, this is your chance to prove it! Located at the end of the world (quite literally!), Ushuaia has all elements of romance and is ideal for couples who would want to bring back the spark to their relationship.

What would you need: A romantic heart and a few ‘borrowed poetries’ may be?!

The Club Hopper

Where to head to: Berlin

Couple dancing in a club

There are couples who wouldn’t mind dancing their night away, and when they do they would want to do it in style. If you are one of the club-hoppers, you should make a dash to the most happening place on the earth, Berlin. From Berghain to Salon zur Wilden Renate to Cookies, your club hopping choices in Berlin are plentiful.

What would you need:  Dancing shoes!

The Novelty Lovers

Where to head to: Nicaragua, North America

Laguna de Apoyo

We always have that one couple amongst us, who would always want to try something new, something unique; for such couple travelling to the little lesser known destination of ‘Nicaragua’ is like a dream come true. The cheaper and less touristy version of ‘Costa Rica’, Nicaragua has all the elements that would make your date a memorable one!

What would you need: Walking shoes and a map.

The Spiritual Ones

Where to head to:  Meteora Monastery, Greece.

Holy Monastery of Rousanou in Meteora

Been there, done that? May be, this is the right time when you should be possibly looking for answers about your existence. If your partner nods head in agreement as you read this, book tickets for two and fly to the one of the UNESCO world heritage site, and the chief complexes of Greek Orthodox monasteries in Greece, Meteora Monastery, Greece. Serenity, a good hike, and wisdom are few of the many perks this place has to offer.

What would you need:  Burning desire to know thyself!

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