8 Best places to visit in April 2020

8 Best places to visit in April 2020

Mir i Arab madrassa through the old wooden carved door, Bukhara, Uzbekistan

Think April and you imagine hot, blazing sun, warm winds and tons of sunscreen. While that may be true for some places, the world is filled with so many destinations that are ideal for travelling in April, especially for those who don’t mind a little bit of breeze and tanning. In fact, Islands of the Indian Ocean and the Pacific are some of the best holiday destinations in April, especially if you are looking for a calm and quiet holiday.

Best places to visit in April - Tokyo in spring
Tokyo, Japan

April is the end of the tourist season in the tropical zones and is, therefore, a great time to plan your holidays. Flights, hotels and resorts offer exciting deals of airfares, accommodations and tours to ensure a cost-effective holiday. Laze at the white sand beaches, explore the coral reefs or simply relax in your resorts; islands of Indian Ocean is the answer to the question of where to holiday in April.  

From Seychelles’ picture-perfect yet empty beaches to Mauritius’ secluded honeymoon resorts that are surprisingly low-priced in April, here are 6 best places to go on a holiday in April. 

Check out the best holiday destinations in April this spring!

1. Serbia

Golubac, Serbia - Best Places to visit in April
Golubac Fortress, Serbia

Vibrant, lively and welcoming – these words perfectly describe the outstanding Balkan nation called “Serbia”. While one end of this country offers you the best nightlife in the world, other parts of the country are full of great canyons, quaint towns and deep forests. Splendid monasteries amidst the lap of nature, wonderful hiking trails, grand fortresses, vast National Parks and so much more! Proud of its rich history and culture, Serbia has countless art galleries, historical monuments and museums. This European gem is one of the ideal places to go for holiday in April. Belgrade and Novi Sad are the most visited cities in Serbia.

2. Uzbekistan

Best Places to Visit in April - Uzbekistan
Registan, Uzbekistan

Marvellous ancient cities, stunning mausoleums and mosques along with panoramic landscapes – Uzbekistan is a Central Asian gem that has opened its gates for tourism recently! Lesser known, less crowded and as charming as ever! Ruled by several empires in the past, like the Arabs, the Mongols, the Persians and the Macedonians, you get to see cultural, traditional and architectural elements of each empire in Uzbekistan. It is a budget-friendly getaway from UAE. It is trending and one of the best places to travel in April 2020. What’s more, is the country offers visa on arrival to all nationality holding (90-day valid) UAE Residency! Must visit cities are Tashkent (the capital), Samarkand and Khiva.

3. Seychelles

Best places to visit in April - Seychelles

The tropical paradise of Seychelles looks like the picture-perfect luxury tourism brochure you see in several travel and lifestyle magazines. White talcum powder beaches gently lapped by turquoise blue waters of Indian Ocean amidst a backdrop of lush green hills filled with coconut and palm trees and the occasional tinge of black and grey volcanic rocks are the basic ingredients of Seychelles’ scintillating beauty. Add a tinge of orange and pinkish hues of a sunset, and heaven is right here. Heaven which is all your own in the month of April. Seychelles is the ideal beach holiday in April. 

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4. Mauritius

Best places to visit in April - Mauritius

The ultimate honeymoon destination in the world and symbol of luxury tourism is also secluded and peaceful in April. World-class luxury hotels and resorts complement the country’s stunning landscape comprising of sapphire waters, white sand beaches, rich coral reefs and hills filled with lush green vegetation. Such is the beauty of Mauritius that American author Mark Twain commented, ‘Mauritius was made first and then heaven, heaven being copied after Mauritius’. The legendary island nation is blessed with an evocative mix of French, British, Creole and Indian culture which results in a unique fusion evident in its cuisine, culture, music and performing arts. All of which you can enjoy in complete solace – surely one of the best places to go on a holiday in April!

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5. Maldives

Best places to visit in April - Maldives

This April, visit the Maldives, one of the top cheap family holiday destinations and indulge in its delicious cuisine, luxury resorts and secluded islands, perfect to get lost and rediscover yourself. It’s simply beautiful in April and is the ideal destination for beach holidays in April. Made up of 190 coral reef islands filled with pristine white sandy beaches, azure blue waters, rich marine ecology and 3,000 years of history and culture, Maldives should be added to your bucket list of places to travel in April.

Perhaps, it’s such an irony that this beautiful island nation of Maldives in the Indian Ocean is at the highest risk of getting submerged by the rising sea levels due to the effects of global warming. April is also the last month of Maldives’ dry season (November to April). This is the time when the country has calmer winds and lower humidity, making it a perfect time to visit the Maldives. 

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6. French Polynesia

Best places to visit in April - French Polynesia
French Polynesia

Remote, secluded and far away, French Polynesia is an archipelago of volcanic islands, atolls filled with lush green vegetation and moss-covered peaks jutting out of vivid blue lagoons. Luxury resorts made of thatched huts built on wooden stilts and pristine white sand beaches are your constant company. French Polynesia offers some of the best islands to visit in April – Tahiti, Bora Bora, Tikehau, Nuku Hiva, Rangiroa, Fatu Hiva, Moorea, Rurutu, Hiva Oa, Huahine and many more stunning islands. Life is simple in French Polynesia and the complete solace it provides is a luxury in itself in this age. It is certainly one of the best places to visit in the month of April.

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7. Fiji

Best places to visit in April - Fiji

Fiji is a group of 322 islands located in the Pacific Ocean and is renowned for its picture-perfect beauty comprising of serene beaches, inhabited islands, inspiring sunrises and sunsets and a colourful marine ecology. Friendly locals willing to take the effort to make you feel at home and a slower pace of life are enough to have your own ‘Blue Lagoon’ or ‘Cast Away’ moment in the month of April. Have your own Robinson Crusoe adventure in any of the secluded islands of Fiji. Fiji is one of the last few wildernesses left on the planet and is among the best islands to visit in April. If “where to go in April?” is the question, Fiji is the answer!

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8. Japan

Best places to visit in April - Tokyo, Japan
Tokyo, Japan

When it comes to the best places to visit in April, Japan, ‘the land of the rising sun’, is at its very best during this month. This is the time of the fabled spring season in Japan. The country which effectively blends technology and tradition is draped in myriad shades of flowers and cherry blossoms. Kyoto, the imperial city turns pink and magenta as the cherry blossoms fills the city with its colours and fragrance. Mount Fuji turns into pink, blue, green and white during the springs while Japanese cities of Osaka, Nara, Hiroshima, Nagasaki and Tokyo are at their enigmatic best. Japan is beautiful in Spring and is certainly among the best holiday destinations in April.

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