Best Places to Visit in January 2020

Best Places to Visit in January 2020

Planning to begin 2020 with any resolutions? May we suggest that you resolve to travel more this year? Why so? Because travel is the best way to appreciate and be grateful for your life, travel will teach you to unplug and live in the moment, travel has the power to transform workaholics to globetrotters! So why wait any further, set the mood for the entire year by planning a holiday in January 2020 itself! To help you make this your dream year, Holidayme has compiled a list of the ‘Best Places to Visit in January 2020’.

Where to travel in January 2020?

1. Russia

View of St. Basil's Cathedral in winter, Russia
St. Basil's Cathedral
Russia is adorned with snow-covering landscapes and frozen waterways in January. Indulge in hot chocolate in the midst of all this. You can go for troika ride, cruise the Moskva on an icebreaker, and rejuvenate yourself in a 'banya'. - a Russian type sauna. Chilly breeze and surroundings keep regular travellers away from Russia in January but you as a daredevil can definitely explore it then. The hotel rates across Russia in January are significantly low too! Festivals and Public Holidays: Russian Orthodox Christmas (7th January) For Russia travel packages, click here

2. Jordan

The hiking trails of Jordan
Hiker man with back pack walking and explore canyon in Jordan
Jordan witnesses cold climate in January with temperature ranging from 5°C to 10°C. This is the best time to go hiking in Jordan, even on desert trails as the weather is pleasantly cool. Take the National Geographic-acclaimed route from Little Petra to Petra! Step into the centrally-heated museums and churches - La Storia is a must among them. If you prefer a warmer destination within Jordan, head to the Dead Sea area for some good ol' relaxation and rejuvenate your tired body amidst the mineral-rich sea water and detoxifying mud of the Dead Sea! Festivals and Public Holidays: His Majesty King Abdullah II’s birthday (30th January) For Jordan travel packages, click here Also Read: 10 Iconic Roads to Travel in the World

3. India

Trekking in River Zanskar - Best Holiday in January
Frozen River Zanskar Trek with porters trekking in winter trail at the Zanskar region
India, one of the best places to visit in January, is diverse culturally, architecturally, geographically and what not! Discover it all as you tour cities, towns and other hotspots. Taj Mahal, the symbol of love, must top your travel itinerary. The weather is cooler and the sight is exceptionally remarkable. This is also the peak tourist season, so expect some crowd. Indian destinations such as Zanskar (Jammu and Kashmir), Auli (Uttarakhand), Delhi and Jaipur (Rajasthan) are perfect for your January visit. Zanskar showcases the walkable frozen Zanskar River, Auli provides skiing opportunities, Delhi offers a national carnival and vibrant festivals, and Jaipur brings to you Jaipur Literature Festival along with imposing forts and palaces in the month of January. Festivals and public holidays in India: Lohri (13th January), Republic Day (26th January) For exciting India travel packages from Dubai, click here.

4. Maldives

Young couple snorkeling in clean water over coral reef in Maldives - where to visit in january Maldives is the ultimate beach holiday destination in January for sun-soakers. Warm weather accompanied with minimal rains makes January the best time to hit the pearly-white beaches of Maldives. This month is also the most suitable time for water-based activities like diving and snorkelling. Thanks to better underwater visibility in January! Festivals and public holidays in Maldives in January: Hajj and Bodu Eid For Maldives travel packages, click here. 

5. Georgia

Driving through the snow-kissed mountains of Tbilisi
Famous Gergeti Trinity Tsminda Sameba Church In Early Winter Landscape.
Georgia, the pretty little Caucasian country is one of the best winter destinations in Europe. It experiences cold weather conditions with temperature falling below 10 degrees Celsius in January. Snow is a common feature and winter activities like skiing take place in full swing! Gudauri, the world-renowned ski resort, located at the altitude of 3,000 metres on the southern slopes of the Lesser Caucuses range is buzzing with tourists and lots of skiing action. You can go for a winter trek from the tiny town of Kazbegi (now known as Stepandsminda) up the snow-clad mountains to reach the Gergeti Trinity Church - among world's most beautiful churches! At the end of this 2-3 hour trek, you'll be greated with sweeping views of the snow-clad region! Christmas in Georgia is celebrated on 7th January (and not 25th December) as Georgians follow the Julian calendar. The Christmas morning of a Georgian Christmas starts with a march called ‘Alio’ by hundreds of revelers after morning mass. Carrying their national flag and dressing up as characters from famous Christmas tales, Georgians sing beautiful hymns and carols and are always in very fine voice. Seeing the streets of Tbilisi filled with people on Christmas morning is truly a sight that must be witnessed at least once in your life! Festivals and Public Holidays: Georgian Christmas (7th January) For Georgia travel packages, click here.

6. Sri Lanka

The lush green tea plantation of Sri Lanka
Train from Nuwara Eliya to Kandy among tea plantations in the highlands of Sri Lanka
One of the best places to visit in January 2020, Sri Lanka - the ‘Pearl of the Indian Ocean’ is blessed with pleasant sunshine and dry weather in the month of January. You can participate in wildlife tours, visit UNESCO World Heritage Sites, enjoy sparkling beaches of the southern and western coasts, and spend your valuable time in the popular ‘Hill Country’. Do read the area’s online weather forecast before going on an expedition. Festivals and Public Holidays: Aluth Sahal Mangallaya (New Rice Festival), Patti Pongal (15th January) For Sri Lanka travel packages, click here.
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