Best Places To Visit In July!

Best Places To Visit In July!

Best places to visit in July - Ladakh, India
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The month of July is an interesting time to visit India and South East Asia because of the annual Monsoon rains. During this time of teh year, the high temperatures of summers give way to cool, breezy and humid days. Pristine forests of South East Asia and India looks greener and serene, mighty rivers swell up as well and delta and sea beaches look even more magnificent. The month of July is also the off-season in the region and therefore it’s a good time to explore the region in complete peace and beauty.

Check out the best places to visit in the month of July!

Ladakh, India

Best time to visit in July - Ladakh, India

Ladakh’s moonscape looks even more brighter in the month of July. The vast barren land looks stunning amidst a backdrop of clear blue skies. Dark grey clouds swollen with rains also looks highly photogenic especially at its beautiful crystal clear lakes.


Best places to visit in July - Canada

Vast Canadian wilderness is at its best in the month of July. This is the time when leaves are green and pastures are lush. The vast Canadian wilderness seems like a canvas painting. Clear blue sky, white snow-capped mountains, green farmlands and beautiful cities filled with colours and festivals of music, food, arts and farm produces.

The Algarve, Portugal

Best places to visit in July - Algarve, Portugal

The Cliffside beaches of Algarve in Portugal looks amazing in the month of July. Freckles of silvery-white clouds in clear blue sky seems magical. Add a stunning sunset and sunrise, azure blue waters, red roofed tiled houses and plenty of secluded beaches, all you have is the perfect July destination.

Provence & the Cote D’Azur, France

Best places to visit in July - Provence

Beautiful Provence with its famed lavender fields, orchards, vineyards and medieval towns and French chateaux under clear blue sky dotted with white clouds looks magical in July. Cote D’Azur region is also at its best. It’s the very best of French Riviera. Check out the destinations of Nice, Toulon, Marseilles, Avignon, Aix-en-Provence and Cannes.

Bali, Indonesia

Best places to visit in July - Bali, Indonesia

The exotic Bali is drenched heavily with Monsoon turning the entire island into a paradise of green valleys, verdant forests, hidden temples and sleepy villages and beaches. Bali looks even more scenic in July with beautiful terraced farms, rolling rice farms, bamboo huts and plenty of beauty and relaxation.


Best places to visit in July - Tanzania

Home to plenty of wildlife protected zones, Tanzania receives its quota of Monsoon rains as well, flooding the perennial rivers and providing amazing game viewing opportunities. Mount Kilimanjaro is another spectacular destination that you can visit in the month of July along with Ngorongoro Conservation Area, Lake Victoria and the old historic city of Zanzibar.


Best places to visit in July - Kenya

The ultimate wildlife game capital of the world, Kenya is a world class destination for wildlife and nature enthusiasts. This is the country which has taken the art of wildlife conservation to a different level with more than 50 wildlife parks and conservation areas. This is also the time for the annual mass migration of animals across the length and breadth of Kenya and Tanzania. Check out the amazing wildlife conservation areas during the month of July.


Best places to visit in July - Seychelles

The picture perfect tropical paradise is the best destination in the month of July for tourists hitting the Indian Ocean. The islands and secluded beaches of Seychelles offer peace and solitude than the beaches of Maldives and Mauritius. Visit in July to enjoy the Monsoon rains, less crowd and plenty of peace and relaxation.