Best Places to Visit in March 2020

Best Places to Visit in March 2020

Best places to visit in March
Every month of the year is an excellent time to travel, but if you’re for looking for something beyond excellent, the month of March nails it spot on. Just before the sweltering summer sets in, and just after the over-enthusiastic winter crowds are thinning out, March seems like a pleasant transitional phase where countries all over the world start sprouting with their best with the arrival of spring! So if you’re wondering where to go on holidays in March 2020, check out our list of some of the best places to visit this spring season!

9 Places to Visit in March

1. Reykjavik, Iceland

Best places to visit in March - Reykjavik, Iceland Iceland’s quirky capital city of Reykjavik is a sheer treat for holidays in March. Perched against a backdrop of the lofty, snow-clad mountains, the effervescent cerulean seas, and the limpid, crystalline air, Reykjavik offers a fascinating concoction of captivating museums, mind-blowing black sand beaches, funky bars and cafes, bewildering natural attractions, and of course, the breath-taking Northern Lights! This mesmeric concoction can be best enjoyed during March, when the days are getting warmer and longer (more hours of sunlight), and there’s lot of fun happening in Reykjavik! This is surely one of the best places to visit in March from Dubai. Also read: Top 10 Places To Chase The Mysterious Northern Lights!

2. Kenya - best places to visit in March

places to visit in March A dramatic landscape melting into the horizon; peppered with boundless savannah, rolling hills, gigantic herds of wildlife, colourful locals adding soul to the land, meandering rivers snaking across the endless plains – the vistas of Kenya will take your breath away. Travel to this gorgeous country in March, just before the rains begin! Kenya is synonymous with safaris, game reserves, and the spectacular Masai Mara National Reserve or “The Mara”. Abounding in wildlife with more than hundreds of species of mammals, reptiles, and birds, Maasai Mara is Africa’s most diverse and astounding ecosystem; indeed, the jewel of Kenya’s wildlife! Visit Kenya in March

3. Bath, England

Best places to visit in March - Bath, UK Whoever said March is only for beach bums, mountain lovers, shopping fanatic, nature lovers, and the likes? Book worms out there, please step out and head to Bath, England, to be a part of the iconic Bath Literature Festival! Home to the legendary Jane Austen, Bath is one of England’s most regal cities, soaked in centuries of riveting history, literature, grand Georgian architecture, and the world-famous Roman bathhouses. Rub shoulders with bibliophiles like yourself while you join some of modern Britain’s most successful authors and poets for readings and live debates! This place is definitely one of the best holiday destinations in March. What are you waiting for? Book a flight to Bath now! Do check out our hotel discounts for your stay in Bath.

4. Switzerland - holidays in march!

Best places to visit in March March is an idyllic month to visit the ultra-gorgeous, pristine land of Switzerland; more so if you are interested in skiing. The Alpine regions are covered with dense snow making it ideal for sledding or skiing; whichever catches your fancy. The temperature is cool and this month is comparatively drier than others. Do carry your warm clothes and sturdy pair of shoes as there will be a lot of walking to do. Visit Switzerland in March - Spring Holidays Want to know some of the best places to visit in Switzerland in March? Check this out: Best Places To Visit in Switzerland! Also, have a look at our last minute vacations and cool packages here! 

5. Cape Town, South Africa

Best places to visit in March - Cape Town The duration from March to May is undeniably the best time to capture glimpses of the beautiful city of Cape Town. This is the time when the temperatures experiences a pleasant drop, and the city begins its annual wine harvest. Better rates, lesser crowds, pacifying calm winds, world-class beaches, and great hiking opportunities are a few other reasons why Cape Town absolutely nails the month of March! If that wasn’t enough, March in Cape Town welcome some epic annual events such as Cape Town Carnival, Cape Town International Jazz Festival, Constantia Food & Wine Festival, and more! Surely one of the best places to visit in March! We have designed these amazing Cape Town Packages for you to revel in the #MarchMoment! Do check out the best of the best hotels in Cape Town!

6. Cyprus

Best Places to Visit in March If you are looking to escape the monotony that winter brings in, there is no better time than March in visiting Cyprus. Mother Nature is more than generous to this part of the earth especially during spring time (Read: March); and that is apparent from its lush landscapes, blossomed jasmine trees, the sea air enlivened by pleasant aromas of fruit trees. Thrill-seekers will be in for a treat as they have plenty of options to choose from - right from Safari tours, to excursion on quad bikes, to catching octopus or sea fishing. So if you're looking for trips in March, Cyprus has to be considered! If you're looking for the best beaches to visit in March, Cyprus might be up your alley.

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7. Jordan - great vacation deals for March!

March destinations Despite its size, Jordan packs a punch with plenty of natural and historical wonders and presents its many treasures to its visitors warmly. If you’re planning a holiday to Jordan, rest assured that there’s an endless list of things to do, see and experience! Jordan’s rich repertoire consists of a Mars-like landscape owing to wonders like Wadi Rum, the historic Roman ruins, crusader castles, the famous Nabatean wonder of Petra and the Dead Sea, the lowest point in our planet. Surely one of the best places to go in March!
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8. Nepal

Places To see in March

The sunny, yet cool month of March is easily one of the most desirable times to head to Nepal, the trekking capital of the world! February and March mark the end of the dry winter season, and the arrival of the beautiful spring season. The weather gets a tad warmer, making the climate ideal to conquer all those picturesque, rhododendron-laced trekking trails! This is time when the entire country is replete with lush greenery, snow-free passes, and placid views of the soaring Himalayas. March is definitely one of the best time to visit Nepal!

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9. Sri Lanka

Best places to visit in March - Sri Lanka If you’re looking to fathom the best of Sri Lanka, no month showcases this dramatic country better than March. With the weather predominantly dry, this is the time when the entire country is basking in sunshine and you’ll find the sun-kissed beaches and lambent sea glowering in myriad hues of golden and blue. This is also the time when you’ll see the charming tea plantations, national parks, cool hillside terrains and the lush rainforest come alive with abundant shades of green! This country also offers one of the best beach holidays in March. Looking for cheap flight offers? Check out latest offers on Sri Lanka Flights.
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