Ramadan Special: Best Iftars in Dubai!

Ramadan Special: Best Iftars in Dubai!

Best Ramadan Iftar Tents in Dubai

The holy month of Ramadan is one of the most special occasions of the year, and this itself calls for a special mention of the best Iftar in Dubai! This is the time to be amidst family and friends, sitting together at Iftars to break the dawn to dusk fast. Iftar, a crucial meal during Ramadan, is indeed a special gathering, ideal for spending quality time with family and loved ones, while savouring the most delicious of foods and desserts! Even if you are not fasting for Ramadan, no worries. Feel free to join any one of Ramadan Dubai hotels and eateries to experience Iftar meal. Rest assured, you will be greeted by wonderfully decorated interiors, lavish spreads comprising of delicious culinary specialities from all over the world and charming host, dedicated to ensure that you have a wonderful time with your family and friends during Iftar dinners in Dubai. Holidayme presents 10 amazing places in Dubai for best Ramadan Iftars. 

Ramadan - Best Iftars in Dubai!

1. Address Dubai Marina 

Ramadan Iftars

Address Dubai Marina is one of the 5-star reputed hotels in Dubai which offers easy access to Dubai Marina Mall and Jebel Ali Race Course. It's also an interesting venue for Ramadan Iftars in Dubai as its huge Constellation Ballroom is decorated into a modern Arabesque look and feel. The plush tent can easily accommodate around 420 people inside the tent. Guests have the option to enjoy a wide selection of season fares, a thoughtfully curated international buffet and live oud players - surely one if the best iftar in Dubai.

Timings: Sunset to 9 PM, Daily Estimated Cost: Dhs220* 

2. Asateer tent, Atlantis The Palm

Ramadan Iftars

Atlantis The Palm is not just an iconic resort hotel of Dubai, its also the cultural hub of the City. This year, enjoy the best Ramadan Iftar at the highly famous Asateer tent and be part of an experience comprising of glittering lights, entertainment and a wide range of buffet dishes and traditional delicacies. Celebrity chef restaurants - Bread Street Kitchen and Ronda Locatelli are ensuring a fusion of classic Ramadan flavours and international culinary specialities.

Timings: Daily after Sunset. Estimated Cost: Dhs220* 

3. Burj Al Arab

Ramadan Iftars When you talk about the best Iftar in Dubai, you just can't ignore the most photographed cultural icon of the City, Burj Al Arab. This luxurious hotel has a reputation for pampering its guest with plush interiors, impeccable services and equally extravagant restaurant. This year, do visit Burj Al Arab's Al Falak Ballroom which is converted into a palatial hall dressed in Arabic patterns and designs. The Viennese Opera House style ballroom serves gastronomic delicacies and a live Badri band. While dining here, you might also come across some great Ramadan recipes for Iftar, to try out later at home! Timings: Daily after Sunset. Estimated Cost: Dhs 255* 

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4. Dubai Opera

Ramadan Iftars Dubai Opera has earned a reputation for being one of the premier cultural hub of the Middle East. This year, Dubai Opera is one of the most unique venue for Ramadan Iftars in the city. Dubai Opera's plush auditorium is completely transformed into a flat floor filled with decorations. Food is equally incredible and is served by the famous award-winning restaurant Sean Connolly, who has prepared an exclusive menu featuring slow-cooked beef cheek, whole roast duck and chicken, salmon en croute and three special biryanis. This is surely one of the best places for Iftar in Dubai. Timings: Daily after Sunset. Estimated Cost: Dhs 250* 

5. Fairmont The Palm

Ramadan Iftars in Dubai A popular five-star resort located in Dubai's palm Jumeirah, Fairmont The Palm is going to serve obe of the best Ramadan Dubai Iftar and Suhoor in buffet style. The hotel has set-up Fairuz ramadan tent at the beach-side and is offering amazing culinary specialities in a very refreshing setting. The beach-side tent is going to let in plenty of fresh sea breeze while offering sparkling view of Dubai's illuminated skyline. This is an amazing Iftar restaurant that deserves a visit! Timings: Daily after Sunset. Estimated Cost: Dhs 195* 

6. Al Hadheerah, Bab Al Shams Desert Resort & Spa

Best iftars in Dubai Enjoy an authentic Arabian essence at Bab Al Shams Desert Resort and Spa. Soak in a memorable Bedouin experience as you break your fast, while seated under the stars, in the middle of the sprawling desert. Devour some mouth-watering Ramadan Iftar meals featuring Middle Eastern cuisines. As you enjoy the meals with your family and friends, watch the vibe brighten up with live tanoura dance and music performances. This is one of the best Ramadan tents in Dubai! Timings: Daily after Sunset. Estimated Cost: Dhs 265* 

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Al Majlis, Madinat Jumeirah

best Ramadan Iftars in Dubai Sporting a magical, breath-taking interior, and a capacity to seat more than 1000 people, Al Majlis, located at Madinat Arena, Madinat Jumeirah, is an amazing place to enjoy an Iftar meal in the company of family and friends! Enjoy a sumptuous Iftar buffet, loaded with tasty, traditional delicacies, or you can opt for a delectable, a la carte meal! Chances are, here you will get to sample the best Ramadan buffet in Dubai! Timings: Daily after Sunset. Estimated Cost: Dhs 210* 

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* Please note, the restaurant timings and pricing are subjected to change.Please check the respective website for more updates.

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