Best time to Buy Air-Tickets

Best time to Buy Air-Tickets

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One of the stressful parts of travelling is ‘planning’, and if I may add, ‘booking a flight’ is even more so. Air travel is expensive, and the fluctuation in air-fares makes it more difficult to ascertain the right time to book the flight so as to land in cheap air-tickets. What if the prices drop? What if the prices go up? Can I get a better rate? All these concerns are legit. Instead of leaving your ticket prices up to chance, use these practical tips to get an upper hand on your air ticket purchase. If you apply these tips wisely enough, you could end up saving hundreds or thousands on your travel around the world!

Search at the right time.

You may have heard a lot ‘Timing is everything’ and it holds true for landing in cheap air-tickets too! Yes, turns out, there is a best time to search for flights. If you are looking for a cheaper fare, make sure you book your flight tickets on a Tuesday afternoon or on a Thursday, because that is when the air fares drop a little. Also, whenever you are browsing an airline or a travel website for flight details, turn your browser’s “incognito mode” ON (Ctrl+shift+N (chrome users), Ctrl+shift+P (Firefox users)) which ensures that these websites do not track your activity and change their prices accordingly.

Use search engines and airline website to compare air-fares.

Begin your research with scouting multiple search engines and airline websites. The comparison will give you a fair idea about the average price of the route you are looking to travel on. Search engines help in hunting the cheapest fares amongst the small or large airlines, and zero in on the cheap flight amongst various flight options available. Try looking up,, etc. Also, the feature ‘google alert’ comes quite handy during this time. When you are hunting for cheap air-fares on google flights, it gives you an option of setting an alert to notify the user when the fare prices go down (or up!). Looking up airfare search engine is great, but once in a while, make sure you visit the airline’s website as some airlines reserve their finest, exclusive deals for people who book their flight tickers from their sites. They come up with exclusive deals, coupons or sales which run for a limited amount of time and on each specific carrier’s site only. Do not miss out on checking them, before you make your bookings.

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Fly on multiple airlines.

Single, non-stop flights are easy and trouble-free. Agreed! But they do not necessarily translate into cheap airfares. You might want to take one airline to your destination, and a separate one from or include a layover with another airline mid-flight. More often than not splitting in between carriers is likely to save you some money. And, mind the amount you end up saving is worth the extra time and hassle.

Book multiple items at once.

Rather than booking the various elements, flight, hotel, a shuttle to and from etc., separately try booking all of them in one go and from one vendor. Firstly, because you are making a bulk purchase, chances of negotiations (Read: getting discounts!) get better. Secondly, studies show that you actually save money by booking multiple travel items in a single package deal.

Be flexible

Last but not the least, being flexible with your travel plans, helps you cut costs considerably. Peak season travel during weekends; or say a festival will attract extra costs. Also, the mid-morning flights (11pm onwards) to mid-evening flights (up to 6pm) have heavy influx of travellers. So, the prices of air-tickets are steepest then. If you are flexible when it comes to dates and timings, you can surely land into a cheap flight deal and thus, save a lot of money.

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