Best Time To Visit Georgia – (Month By Month Explained)

Best Time To Visit Georgia – (Month By Month Explained)

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Best time to visit Tbilisi in Georgia, Europe

Settled between the Black Sea and Caucasus Mountains, the tourism of Georgia, Europe has grown manifolds over the years. Filled with quaint towns and beautiful churches and monasteries, the country of Georgia is known for its soaring mountains, incredible wine, delicious food, and friendly locals. What’s more, Georgia is a popular tourist destination all around the year!

As there is no peak-season or off-season variation, Georgia can be visited anytime of the year. Thanks to its geographical location, it enjoys a varied climate, which is mostly sub-tropical. The summers here are hot and humid, and winters are mildly cold. While the northern mountain peaks are permanently snowbound, the west coastal areas by the Black Sea enjoy a year-round balmy weather. So, in case you’re wondering what would be the best time to visit Georgia, or its capital Tbilisi, be assured that it can be visited throughout the year.

When to visit Georgia? Best Season for Tbilisi?

To make things easier, we’ve given you detailed information of Georgia’s weather, according to different seasons:

Georgia in Spring

Spring (March to May)

A Georgian orthodox church and a blooming tree in spring

It is best to travel to Tbilisi and the rest of Georgia during the spring months, when the weather is not too hot, nor too cold. There may be frequent rainfall during the latter months of spring, so you’re advised to pack rain gear along with the rest of your luggage, just in-case. The month of May is the wettest, receiving a lot of rainfall.

Georgia in Summer

Summer (June to August) – Tbilisi weather in July

The average temperature during summers in Georgia ranges from 20 to 30 degree Celsius, which means it is pleasantly warm during this time. Most resorts in Georgia during summers are generally packed with tourists. Be warned however, that coastal areas will be awkwardly humid for those not used to tropical climates.

Georgia in Autumn

Autumn (September to November)

A bridge in the National Botanical Garden of Georgia offering spectacular views of the lush greenery

Georgia is beautiful in autumn, with frequent rainfalls, multi-colored trees, and frost-covered grounds. We recommend you pack quick-dry clothing and rain gear because autumn is typically Georgia’s wet season. It would be cooler and raining by the end of October.

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Georgia in Winter

Winter (December to February)

The snowy peaks of the Gudauri region in Georgia

Come December, the weather in Georgia during winters usually turns very cold, with temperatures ranging from 2 to 6 degree Celsius (nights are even chillier, with temperature often dipping below 0 degrees). Snow is not uncommon, and thus, Georgia in winters is an ideal place for winter sports enthusiasts, especially those interested in skiing.

It snows across Georgia, some places like Tetnuldi in Svaneti region in the western part of the country, receive the first round of snowfall as early as in September. But by November, the country of Georgia starts receiving snowfall. This is the best time to visit ski resorts in Gudauri! Read more: Best time for skiing in Gudauri, Georgia



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