Best Time To Visit Goa

Best Time To Visit Goa

Best time to visit Goa
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The most tourist friendly state of India, Goa is a traveller’s true delight. This beautiful South Indian coastal state welcomes plenty of tourists, both domestic and foreigners, to its idyllic shores. The party capital of India, Goa is all about plenty of sun, sand and a comfortable pace of life. Add a mix of exciting culture, delicious food, cultural heritages and plenty of eco-friendly lodges and resorts; all you have is the country’s most popular tourist destination.

Best time to visit Goa – October to March

Best time to visit Goa

October to March is the best time to visit Goa. These winter months are ideal for sun lounging, hiking and travelling as the temperatures remain pleasant. This is also the peak tourism season in Goa and demand for hotels is quite high. It’s generally advisable to book accommodation well in advance. Night markets, restaurants and all the essential tourist facilities function in full-swing.

The winter months are also special because of Christmas and New Year’s celebrations, and plenty of trendy art and culture festivals like the annual Sunburn Music festival, International Film Festival of India, etc. The annual Goa Carnival, which is gaining increasing popularity with both domestic and international tourists, is also a key event of Goa in the month of February. 

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Summer and off-season - April to June

Best time to visit Goa

The summer months of Goa start from mid-March to June end and is marked by hot and humid summers with temperatures hovering over 35° Celsius. Humidity is also high, making it uncomfortable for travelling, sightseeing or beach hopping. The month of May is the hottest month of the year while the mid-June period receives light showers, not more than few hours in a day. You will get plenty of bargain deals on hotels, restaurants, clothes and souvenirs. The touristy crowd is less during this time, but the taxing weather spoils the fun. However, evenings add respite from hot summer sun with cool sea breeze, and makes it easier to roam around after sunset.

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Romantic Monsoons – July to September

Best time to visit Goa Monsoon winds bring plenty of rain to Goa in the months of July, August and September. This is the time when Goa seems even more exotic. The entire state looks greener, rivers and channels swell-up with water and washed-up beaches look even more beautiful. This season is ideal for trekking in the Goa’s famed Western Ghats and the majestic Dudhsagar Falls. Nature lovers and solitude seekers enjoy a lot in Goa during this period. Easy available hotels at good bargains and cheap food is an added advantage. Monsoon season is also a best time to visit Goa for relaxed pace of life, serene ambience and plenty of solitude. READ MORE: Best Monsoon Destinations In India