Discover Montenegro: Holidayme’s Guide to The Best Time to Visit Montenegro

Discover Montenegro: Holidayme’s Guide to The Best Time to Visit Montenegro

Visit Montenegro in Summers
Best time to visit Montenegro
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If you are wondering, what is the best time to visit Montenegro, keep calm and read this article.

Montenegro, one of Europe’s most spectacular seaside countries, is home to pristine lakes, breathtaking beaches, gorgeous mountains, and endless natural beauties, making Montenegro a slice of Adriatic heaven. Montenegro tourism is rapidly growing and this lovely tiny nation is finding itself in almost everyone’s ‘places to visit’ bucket list. Whether you want to savour its coastal climate and the sun-kissed beaches, or enjoying skiing down its snow-clad mountains, Montenegro has something exciting to offer in every climate. Check-out HolidayMe’s guide on the best time to visit Montenegro! shutterstock_259595084

Best time to visit Montenegro – July to August 

The best time to visit Montenegro is during July to August when the temperature hovers within a pleasant warm range. This is the peak tourist season to visit Montenegro when it gets congested and almost every resort, hotel, and apartment get booked in advance. If you’re okay with crowds and have an open budget, July might be a good time to head to Montenegro

Montenegro in May to June and September to October

This is the best time to visit Montenegro, when the weather is still warm and it’s not as busy and touristy as compared to the months of July to August. Hence, getting confirmed and comfortable accommodation should be the least of your worries! These months are also the best time to enjoy the breath-taking beaches, coasts, and pristine lakes of Montenegro, when the sun is bright, and the temperature is just perfect for water-sports, white-water rafting, and hiking. Holidayme_How to reach Montenegro_Perast_shutterstock_269201807.jpg

Montenegro in November to March

Temperature drops to minus fifteen to twenty degrees with occasional rainfall and heavy snow in this period but. If you are one of those who enjoy snow and cold, come to Montenegro during this season and be assured to get the cheapest prices! This the best time to enjoy winter sports like skiing on the slopes of Kolasin and Zabljak, the most popular ski resorts of Montenegro. Skiing in Gudauri

Montenegro Weather – characterized by Mediterranean weather

Montenegro’s climate follows two distinct patterns; warm summers when the coasts are pleasant and breezy, and winters when it is bitter cold in the mountains, and mildly cold in the coasts. The climate can be summed up into two periods, the summer season that extends from April to October, and the winters that last from November to March.

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