Best Time To Visit Seychelles

Best Time To Visit Seychelles

Best Time to Visit Seychelles
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Seychelles, the Indian Ocean archipelago of 100 plus islands, is home to some of the world’s most beautiful beaches. In fact, Seychelles boast of the finest tropical paradises on earth - Beau Vallon and Anse Lazio, among its prize possession. Seychelles is all about vibrant colours courtesy bright sunshine, white sand beaches, crystal clear blue waters, lush green forests and fiery sunsets. World-class luxury resorts, stunning shoreline, unspoilt nature parks and marine ecology makes it among the most beautiful places on earth.

Best Time to Visit Seychelles - Anse Cocos

The country’s numerous luxury resorts and its stunning landscapes have featured in countless travel magazines and travel shows. This glamorous destination offers unmatched experiences of a true tropical paradise. You have to pick the best time to visit the country to enjoy its delights. Seychelles’ climate is generally hot and humid with abundant rainfall. Some months are cooler and drier as well, making it ideal for exploring Seychelles. If you are wondering, what is the best time to visit Seychelles…READ ON!

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Best Time to Seychelles - Eden Island

Best time to Visit Seychelles: October – November

Although the weather in Seychelles is pleasant throughout the year, we recommend traveling between the months of October and November. The reason? There are great deals on hotels and flights, because of occasional rainfalls. And no need to worry, even sporadic rainfall won’t make any dent in your plans to enjoy everything this country has to offer. Average temperatures hover around 30 degree Celsius

October is perfect for some wildlife spotting as well. It’s the season for whale sharks and hawksbill turtles start laying eggs. It’s less windy at this time of the year and is ideal for sailing around the waters of Seychelles and quality water sports. The month of November receives northwest winds and it is better to stay on the east coast of the islands. Low demands for hotels, flights, and holiday packages, warm weather with light showers and a pleasant temperature, makes it the best time to visit Seychelles.

Exciting events you can attend during this time:

Festival Kreol – The biggest cultural festival of Seychelles held each year in the month of October. It’s a celebration of Creole culture and its colours, sounds, flavours and fragrances Seychelles Ocean Festival – The event that celebrates the illustrious marine heritage of Seychelles and offers plenty of underwater expeditions, shipwreck diving and exploring the rich marine ecology. La Digue Offshore Tournament – A two-day fishing competition organised by Seychelles Sports Fishing Club. READ MORE: Top Things To Do In Seychelles  

Best time to Visit Seychelles: April – May


The months of April and May stay a bit humid with the northwest trade winds adding warmer and milder temperatures to the country. The average temperature increases while rainfall becomes scanty as well. The months of April and May are also perfect for sunbathing, scuba diving and water sports. You are in for some luck since hotel rates are also low during this time of the year, making it the best time to travel to Seychelles.

Exciting events you can attend during this time:

Seychelles National Fishing Festival – A one-day fishing tournament featuring local fishing companies. FET AFRIK – A multi-artistic festival that brings international artists, fashion designers, chefs, and celebrities to Mahe, Seychelles on the occasion of celebrating Africa Day (25th to the 27th of May). Carnaval International de Victoria – The largest outdoor celebration in Seychelles featuring colourful parades, costumes, loud music, cultural shows, food festivals, etc. READ MORE: Top Islands In Seychelles And Places To Explore

Best time to Visit Seychelles: June – September


If you are looking for the most popular or the most touristy time to visit this pretty island, you have found it! Characterized by cool winds, dry weather and tourists: loads and loads of them. Because this is the peak tourism time, the hotel and flight rates are much higher, hence it is well advised to do advance booking. June to September is the peak tourism season in Seychelles and receives plenty of tourists to its beaches, islands and cities. However, one plus point of this season is all the tourism services run at full capacity, proving plenty of choices in hotels, restaurants, activities, shopping bargains, etc.

Exciting events you can attend during this time:

Seychelles Sea Turtle Festival – A festival dedicated to conservation, research and collaboration among several international agencies trying to protect the rare and endangered species of sea turtles of Seychelles.

Seychelles Round Table Regatta – a fun event that celebrates games, sports, music concerts and lottery draws that is held each year at the popular Beau Vallon Beach Front.

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Seychelles Weather -Perfect all year round

Best Time to Visit Seychelles - Petite Anse

Seychelles experiences primarily two seasons – the southeast monsoon season between the months of May and September and the northwest monsoon prevalent between the months from October to April. While the southeast monsoon season is characterised by cool sea breezes, cloudy skies, lower temperatures. The northwest monsoon season is blessed by bright sunshine, higher temperature, crystalline waters, and occasional rainstorms.

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