Best Time to Visit Ukraine

Best Time to Visit Ukraine


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“Laskavo prosymo do Ukrayiny” means “Welcome to Ukraine”! Ukraine is a beautiful nation presenting a treasure trove of historical, natural and architectural gems. It is considered as the epicentre of European continent and has an ancient obelisk to mark the exact central spot. It is home to seven World Heritage Sites. The country sports many feathers in its crown, the first country to invent the gas lamp, birthplace of the world’s biggest plane, café capital of the world, to name a few. The general atmosphere everywhere is very relaxed and laid back, with a sea of smiling and friendly faces. Ukraine is blessed with all the four distinct seasons. Generally, summers are sunny and dry and with only occasional rain showers. Spring season is when the country receives the maximum rainfall. Winters are marked with snowfall and chilly weather. But, the best part in the country is that every season brings to you several activities. So, never letting you wile away your precious time. Choosing the best time to visit Ukraine is totally upon personal preferences. Although we at Holidayme, act as a mere channel to give an insight into the weather of Ukraine, choosing the right time to visit is upon the planner.

Sunny Days and Pleasant Weather from June to September

If you are planning a trip to Ukraine, consider the summer months which start from June and continue till September.  The days are sunny and pleasant, and nights are cool and comfortable. All the tourist destinations, are flocked by travel enthusiasts looking for the best in the country. A hiking or a trekking trip on Carpathian Mountains, also known as the “Green pearl of Ukraine”, or a relaxing treatment at the numerous wellness resorts and mineral springs at the Truskavets, choice is yours!

Beginning of the off season from October

October is the month, when the season starts getting chilly, and the foot falls in the country start trickling down. This is the month of heavy discounts, less crowd and peaceful beaches on the coasts of the Black Sea. If you are travelling to the capital city of Kiev, you can enjoy the numerous opera shows or a peaceful visit to the famous Cathedral of St. Sophia; October is definitely the best time to visit Kiev. Ukraine Resized

Winter months from November to January

Winter months start from November, and the coldest weather is experienced in January. Frequent showers now and then may happen. If you are an aficionado of blankets of snow covering the city to the mountain tops, this is the season for you to visit Ukraine. One can try their hand at skiing or snow- boarding on the Carpathian Mountains, or just trek around and breathe in the splendid views around. If you are not too adventurous, then plan a visit to the cities of Ukraine. Around this time be a part of the colourful Christmas festivities. Also, enjoy Malanka - a folk holiday celebrated on 13th January.

Best places to visit in Ukraine

Ukraine from February till March

Ukraine faces the wettest days of the winter season in the month of February. It's cold too! Ukraine tourism is nearly at a standstill. There are heavy discounts on accommodation, but transportation is not glitch free as there are occasional snow storms. The season starts transgressing from cold to warm from March. This is the best season to avail maximum discounts and enjoy warm delicious Ukrainian cuisine at most of the eateries.

Take a trip to the neighboring country of Romania. Check it out!

Ukraine tourism from April till May

The weather in the months of April and May are cold yet bearable. This is a great time to enjoy the best of both receding winter season, and oncoming summer season. From mid-May tourists start trickling in, thus, making April a relatively less crowded month to enjoy the  warm and astounding weather on the Carpathian Mountains or the sunlit beaches of the Black Sea in Odessa. This is also the best time to visit Kiev Ukraine for its World Heritage Sites.

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