Bosnia Tourism

Bosnia Tourism

bosnia tourism
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Bosnia Travel Guide - Travel to Bosnia and Herzegovina

Bosnia-Herzegovina, or simply Bosnia is an astonishingly beautiful country in South-eastern Europe. One of the richest countries in terms of culture, history and heritage; Bosnia’s tourism has seen a tremendous leap in the last few years. For a country torn by war not so long ago, to become an active travellers’ paradise is a tremendous achievement.

An intriguing East-meets-West atmosphere greets you in Bosnia and Herzegovina, a ruggedly beautiful European land that has withstood the scars of a bloody war that cleaved through the nation’s hearts. A couple of decades later, the tiny country is still picking up the fragments and restoring its lost dignity, and is trying its best to attract tourists and show the stunning amalgamation of its turquoise rivers, steep hillsides, disfigured alleys and is greeting them towards a new dawn.

Bosnia and Herzegovina Tourism

Before you search for tour packages to Bosnia and book your tickets, it is imperative to know more about the country. Our travel guide for Bosnia is a great reference point to begin with and answer all your questions and queries related to this gorgeous country. From Bosnia Visa Information, to the best time to visit Bosnia and Herzegovina, to the top tourist attractions in Bosnia, and eventually info about the mouth-watering cuisine of Bosnia, this guide will provide you an insight into the country like no other. Bosnia tourism is at an all-time high and it is probably the best time to visit the stunning land and experience the beauty of it before it gets all commercialized and filled with tourists.

Moreover, we have also described cities and places to visit in Bosnia which include the likes of Sarajevo, Mostar among others. We also answer all the questions related to safety in Bosnia, and all your queries related to shopping in Bosnia.

Best Time to Visit Bosnia

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Tourism in Bosnia and Herzegovina

To be able to savor the beauty of this gorgeous country, it is very important to know, what is the best time to visit Bosnia? Given here is a detailed account of weather conditions of Bosnia and Herzegovina, decide for yourself... what climate suits you the best...the warm summers or the chilly winters. Bosnia’s weather is characterized by two distinct climates, you will find the southern part has a Mediterranean climate while the northern part sees more of semi-continental climate. Which means the travelers can expect hot summers and chilly winters. The best time to visit Bosnia and Herzegovina would, however, depend on the factor what you intend to do and again, is a personal preference.

Bosnia in summer:

The warm summer seasons welcomes good number of hiking enthusiasts, nature trippers, and adventure seekers herding to the mountains to enjoy the sunny climate.

Bosnia in spring:

The fields are in full bloom during the spring giving the whole country a divine look. The temperature remains pleasant throughout the day making it an ideal time for outings and family picnics. If you are nature lover, you will love Bosnia in the months of October and November, when the forests are a lovely mix of colors.

Bosnia in winter:

Bosnia in winter and fall entices ski-enthusiasts who look forward to tick Alpine adventures off their bucket-list. The months of January to March are best time for skiers to enjoy the slops. Some fantastic Olympic ski areas can be found in the Igman, Jahorina and Bjelasnica mountains. Winters are the peak season to travel to Bosnia and you anticipate crowds during this time. Make sure that you plan well in advance and make your reservations for hotels closest to the ski lift. While planning your wardrobe, be well-equipped with warm clothes and a jacket during winter and pack lightweight shirts for summer. If visiting wetter and colder northern towns and higher altitude regions is in your itinerary remember to pack for cold temperatures regardless of the time of year.
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