Bosnia and Herzegovina tourism

Bosnia and Herzegovina Visa

For those of you who want to travel to this legendary land, and are wondering about Bosnia and Herzegovina visa requirements, this write-up has all you need to know! Almost like a Phoenix rising from the ashes, Bosnia and Herzegovina tourism has slowly begun to shine, owing to its unique history and culture, soul-satiating food, a thriving art scene, poignant cities and their numerous UNESCO Heritage Sites, enchanting landscapes, and the modest human warmth one attains here!
Bosnia and Herzegovina tourism
The Mostar Peace Bell Tower, amidst the green Bosnian landscape

Bosnia and Herzegovina Visa from UAE

For citizens of Dubai and the rest of United Arab Emirates, a visa is not required to enter Bosnia and Herzegovina. UAE citizens are exempted from Bosnia visa requirement for entry, exit, transit and stay in the territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina up to 90 days, for a period of six months, starting from the day of entry. 

If you are wondering what are the Bosnia visa requirements for UAE residents, here's the answer - yes, you will need to apply for a prior visa to travel to Bosnia. Visitors must obtain a visa from one of the Bosnia and Herzegovina diplomatic missions unless they come from one of the visa exempt countries (look below).

Bosnia and Herzegovina visa policy: What documents will be required for residents of visa exempted countries?

  • Passport that is valid for at least six months from the date of application
  • Recent passport-size photograph (coloured)
  • Duly completed and signed Visa Application Form - For UAE residents, the application form can be obtained and filed  at the Embassy of Bosnia and Herzegovina in Abu Dhabi, or downloaded from their official website.
  • Appropriate Consular fee for visa insurance
  • 'No objection letter' for children under 18 years of age

How much time is required to issue a Bosnia and Herzegovina visa?

Passport holders of the following Middle East countries are not required to have a visa to travel to Bosnia and Herzegovina if their visit is not more than 90 days: Kuwait, Qatar, Turkey. If you're looking for a visa to Bosnia from Dubai, contact your nearest Bosnian embassy, or a local visa agent, who can assist you with the same.

Bosnia and Herzegovina visa
Stari Most Bridge, and Mostar's stunning, medieval architecture

Countries with visa-free Access to Bosnia and Herzegovina

Bosnia and Herzegovina allows 90 days of visa-free stay in the country for the citizens of all European Union countries, Australia, Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Iceland, Greece, Japan, Mexico, Malaysia, Norway, China, Turkey, Switzerland, South Korea and Singapore, etc.

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Essential Bosnia and Herzegovina Facts

  • Capital – Sarajevo
  • Key cities – Mostar, Banja Luka, Tuzla, Zenica
  • Major Religions – Christian, Islam
  • Currency - Bosnia and Herzegovina convertible mark (BAM)
  • Major languages – Bosnian, Croatian and Serbian
  • Food to eat – Burek, Cevapi, Sahan, Duvec, Bosanski lonac
  • Place to visit – Stari Most, Kravice waterfalls, Vrelo Bosne, Sarajevo Tunnel
Also, if you have been thinking about Bosnia tourism safety, be assured that Bosnia is absolutely safe to travel to.

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