Canary Islands: Hottest Honeymoon Destination of 2018!

Canary Islands: Hottest Honeymoon Destination of 2018!

Canary islands
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If you’ve been looking for a swell destination to whisk away your loved one to, or for a honeymoon destination that is not too touristy, don’t think twice, just haul yourself to the summery archipelago off the West African coast, that is the Canaries.

Geographically isolated, and flung off the coast of Morocco in North-western Africa, the Canary Islands are a rugged yet visually stunning cluster of balmy, volcanic isles blessed with miles of sand dunes, lush forests and banana plantations, charming 16th century villages, numerous prehistoric sites, dramatic mountains, sparkling beaches, hedonistic sea-front bars, and quaint facades of unique Canarian architecture.

Comprising of seven main islands – Tenerife, Gran Canaria, Lanzarote, La Palma, Fuerteventura, Gomera, and Hierro, you could never get tired of island hopping while in the Canaries. There are also dozens of smalls isles such as Graciosa, Alegranza, Montana Clara, Lobos, Roque del Este, Roque del Oeste, which make this place the most amazing spot to run away to, and soak in some sun.

Why a Canary Island Honeymoon?

No matter which island you decide to flock, you are guaranteed to be pampered with an enviable, sun-soaked weather, regardless what time of the year you visit. Each island has a striking identity of its own, boasting of jaw-dropping volcanic landscape, balmy beaches, spell-binding mountainous terrain, incredible national parks, unforgettable gastronomy – all the ingredients for a near-perfect honeymoon.

Top things to do in Canary Islands


Tenerife Canary Islands

The largest island of the archipelago, and also the most famous one amongst tourists, Tenerife’s beauty and diversity is something more than just ordinary. The island attracts more than 10 million visitors annually, majority being British revellers seeking hedonism in its purest form. While you’re here, relax on its crystalline beaches, lose yourself amidst lush tropical greenery, traverse through the creaky lanes of the Old Town, visit the Teide National Park, or attempt climbing Spain’s highest mountain, Pico del Teide.

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Lanzarote tourism

A coveted UNESCO biosphere reserve, the tranquil island of Lazarote welcomes its visitors with endless stretches of pristine beaches, extraordinary volcanic cones and lava tubes, and uninterrupted sessions of surfing, walking, wine-tasting, and cycling. Do check out the quaint fishing village of Puerto del Carmen, one of Lanzarote’s most famous tourist attractions.


Fuerteventura Beach Holiday

Merely less than a hundred kilometres away from Africa’s western coast, Fuerteventura entices visitors with its parched, desert-like landscape studded with a perfect beach for every mood. Beach bums, surfers, and windsurfers from around the world flock Fuerteventura to master the winds and to tame the waves of this spectacular island. The seafaring town of Corralejo, at the northern tip of the island, with its intriguing sand dunes, is the ultimate spot for a Canary Island honeymoon.

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Gran Canaria

holiday in Gran Canaria

Honoured as a World Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO, Gran Canaria is almost like a miniature continent in itself, and offers a slice of just about any landscape you can think of. Be it acres of lush forests, glistening white-sand beaches, unspoiled peaks and valleys, a string of world-class resorts, or a pulsating city that has do dearth of interesting things to do, Gran Canaria has it all. The island makes a fantastic family holiday destination, with plenty of scope for activities like cycling, water sports, and hiking.

La Palma

La Palma, Canary Islands

One of the lushest islands of the Canaries, La Palma is where you’ll find nature at its best – unspoiled, verdant, and truly remarkable. Yet another UNESCO biosphere reserve, La Palma offers some of the most dramatic scenes – from lush rainforests to swathes of desertscapes. Laidback, tranquil and less touristy as compared to the others islands, La Palma by no means should be overlooked. Go whale watching, enjoy a session of stargazing, set out on a hiking trail, hit one of the island’s jet-black beaches – La Palma can never run out of selling points.

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