Celebrate your big day at these mesmeric wedding destinations!

Celebrate your big day at these mesmeric wedding destinations!

Celebrate your big day at these mesmeric wedding destinations!
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  If this iconic dialogue from the cult film ‘When Harry Met Sally’ rings a bell with you, you’re either a die-hard romantic like me, or are getting hitched soon. Whatever maybe the case, this compiled list of dream-like destinations for your big day, is for you! So go ahead and indulge in some fascinating forever-afters here:  

Palatial themed wedding

Jodhpur, India

Best Season: October to February What better way to feel royal than to get married the royal way? Jodhpur, the second largest city of Rajasthan, India, is literally on the edge of Thar Desert, giving it the name Gateway to Thar. This princely city’s striking blue buildings sharply contrast with the neighbouring Thar Desert, giving it a magnificent backdrop for your big day. Spend your honeymoon exploring the city’s many palaces, forts and temples that will put you in awe of Jodhpur’s historic grandeur.

Siem Reap, Cambodia

Palatial themed wedding in Siem Reap, Combodia

Best Season: October to March Imagine getting married in the incredibly beautiful Siem Reap, and that too at the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Angkor Wat! This once quaint village has now become a major tourist attraction and construction site in Cambodia. Its laidback attitude and pleasant atmosphere brings it in considerable competition as a much sought-after palatial wedding destination.

Abu Dhabi, UAE

Best Season: November to March Welcome to the future. Words like majestic and magnificent do not do enough justice to Emirates Palace, the one place which takes the meaning of royal to a different level altogether. Built at a cost of Dh11 billion, the palace has 114 domes as well as a private beach. Getting married at this giant of a palace is every couple’s dream come true.  

Country themed wedding

 Pienza, Italy

Country themed wedding in Pienza, italy

Best Season: April – May, September – October This small Tuscany town is nicknamed the "touchstone of Renaissance urbanism" for a reason. In 1996, UNESCO declared Pienza as a World Heritage Site and in 2004; the entire valley of Val d'Orcia was a part of UNESCO’s World Cultural Landscapes. This former sleepy hamlet was rebuilt by Enea Silvio Piccolomini in Renaissance style and boasts of a breath-taking countryside that is ideal for any wedding backdrop.

Geneva, Switzerland

Country themed wedding in Geneva, switzerland

Best Season: July to August With its snow-capped mountains, magnificent Alpine lake, and never-ending scenic backdrop, Geneva is among Europe’s prettiest getaways, and rightly so. Famed for its delicious chocolate, luxurious jewellery, and world-class banks, Geneva is only Switzerland’s third largest city, and is yet home to some odd 200 international organisations. There are plenty of classy but homely hotels specializing in wedding celebrations and you shouldn’t miss a chance to ring them!  

Beach themed wedding

 Maldives, Asia

Beach themed wedding in maldives

Best Season: December to April The charisma and magnetism of Maldives’ dazzling white beaches, sparkling blue water, and plush holiday resorts is not lost on anyone who’s been to or heard about the small country. Consisting of nearly 1200 islands, Maldives’ tropical beauty is so perfect; it makes you jealous of the locals living there every single day. This small island paradise attracts hundreds of honeymooners and to-be newlyweds every year, and there’s no reason why you should be an exception.

Croatia, Europe

Beach themed wedding in crotia, europe

Best Season: May to October Spent your life dreaming about exotic Mediterranean locations with turquoise blue waters and intriguing ancient architecture? Croatia is the perfect place to fulfil that fantasy. Ruled by different kingdoms for centuries, Croatia has developed a rich cultural legacy over the years and has, at the same time, managed to retain its unique natural beauty. The filming of popular television series ‘Game of Thrones’ has made Croatia an even more sought-after destination in the recent years. Take your vows at its typically Italian palazzos, Slavic churches, 18th century citadels, or dramatic sun-kissed beaches - there certainly isn’t any lack of picture-perfect locations in Croatia.  

Forest themed wedding

 Sintra, Portugal

Best Season: May- June This small Portuguese city holds magnificent historic mansions as well castles, all set against a beautiful backdrop of wavy, green mountains. The place is covered with misty fern forests and gorgeous gardens and what’s more, Sintra has a host of iconic castles like the Castelo dos Mouros or Moorish Castle, Palácio Nacional de Sintra, Quinta de Regaleira, and many more. It is also renowned for the eclectic Sintra-Vila – a UNESCO World Heritage Centre that holds rich historical and scenic legacy. If you’re planning an unforgettable picturesque forest wedding with your beloved, Sintra is more than perfect for you.

California, USA

Forest themed wedding in California, USA

Best Season: August – October California is more than just a surfing and beach destination, this Pacific state also possesses the world’s tallest trees in its hazy northern area that has witnessed thousands of wild, romantic weddings over the years. California’s Redwood National & State Parks include several other national parks, all of which are home to the soaring redwood forests that have been reserved after a lot of effort from environmentalists in the 1960s. Today, these stunning forests are an International Biosphere Reserve and a World Heritage Site.