Cheapest places to travel in 2016

Cheapest places to travel in 2016

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Cheapest tourist destinations in 2016

You’ve probably been planning that international holiday for months now, but every time you decide to go, you realise you’re short on cash, once again. So you postpone the plan, hoping there’ll be a better time, and of course – a cheaper place. How many times have we fallen victims to this reality? How many times have we dreamt about exploring that mystic Middle Eastern landscape or going on that amazing European backpacking trip, but left in the lurch at the planning stage; because you know you may be short on cash? Worry not, there are plenty of destinations across the world that’ll suit your whims as well as budget, without you having to compromise on anything! Read through our list of beautiful countries you can travel to without putting a major dent in your pocket: You might find our article on Top 10 Most-Visited Tourist Destinations helpful too.

Cheap holiday destinations

1. Thailand

Holiday packages start from AED 399 thailand Thailand’s diverse appeal cannot be summarised easily. From traveling to the bustling metropolis of Bangkok to Phuket’s coastal bliss, to the mesmerizing ancient history that surrounds Chiang Mai – there’s just so much to see here. Make sure you don’t miss out on appetizing Thai food, or the country’s bustling nightlife scene while holidaying in Thailand. Best time to visit Thailand for budget travellers: July to October Also read: 10 Must-Visit Destinations For Your Thai Holiday

2. Nepal

Holiday packages start from AED 1,819 nepal Exquisitely surrounded by lofty, snow-capped mountains, this hilly country is ideal for adventurists and nature lovers who’re looking for an affordable holiday. Home to eight of the world’s 10 highest peaks, Nepal has many economical hostels, lodges and tree houses where you can spend a night or two, comfortably. Truly, this scenic country is every backpacker’s delight! Best time to visit Nepal for budget travellers: June to September

3. Indonesia

Holiday packages start from AED 649 indonesia An archipelago of 17000 islands spread across an area of 5200 kilometres, inhabited by 246 million people who speak over 300 languages. Beguiling, isn’t it? Well, that’s Indonesia for you. Boasting of rich cultural heritage, white-sandy beaches, and lush green rainforests, the country is also known for some of world’s best massages, yoga and spirituality centres. Make sure to visit places like – Bali, Java, Yogyakarta, Jakarta, and Sumatra while visiting Indonesia. Best time to visit Indonesia for budget travellers: October to April Also read: 10 Things To Do In Bali

Cheap places to travel 

4. Vietnam

Holiday packages start from AED 919 vietnam Despite its rising popularity in recent years, Vietnam is still super cheap to travel to. Possessing an ageless charm, and sporting a perfect blend of old traditions and modern spirit, Vietnam is a paradise for backpackers. Lush rice paddies, mysterious caves, mesmerizing limestone rock formations, lively local markets – Vietnam gives you all of this and much, much more. Best time to visit Vietnam for budget travellers: April to June, September to November Also read: Backpacker’s Delight: Vietnam, Cambodia, And Laos!

5. Egypt

Holiday packages start from AED 579 egypt Filled with cultural gems and stunning landscapes and a world famous ancient civilization that flourished a long, long time ago on its sandy soil, Egypt still retains its mysterious magic over tourists – whether they’re first timers or regular admirers. ‘The Gift of the Nile’ as it is still called, Egypt is the perfect holiday idea for luxury seekers as well as budget travellers. Best time to visit Egypt for budget travellers: May to September Also read: Mysterious Sights In Egypt That Will Leave You Spellbound