Check Out Pictures Of The Global Travel Trend The #FollowMeTo Instagram Couple...

Check Out Pictures Of The Global Travel Trend The #FollowMeTo Instagram Couple Gave Rise To!

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In life it’s not where you go but who you travel with

Charles Schulz

Murad Osmann and his wife Nataly are the most famous living embodiment of this quote. What started off as a photograph of a gentle pull from his girlfriend in Barcelona in 2011, has grown out to a global trend, with countless inspired people striking the same pose in their travels around the world. Over the last four years these photographs have inspired innumerable couples to capture their travels in the trademark ‘follow me to’ pose.

The pictures are, at the same time, both simple and symbolic of the ultimate romantic fantasy; a person that you love, leading you to places you have never seen before.

Here are a few such pictures that might inspire you to capture the famous “#FollowMeTo” pose with your loved one.

Udaipur, India

 Manali, India

Bubble gum alley, California

Angkor Wat, Combodia

Taj Mahal, India

Marina Bay Sands, Singapore

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