Cuba: The Hottest Destination of 2018!

Cuba: The Hottest Destination of 2018!

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The recent demise of one of the most powerful leaders of the century, Fidel Castro, has brought the sleepy and low-key country of Caribbean, Cuba, into limelight again!

A perfect medley of fertile valleys, flowing rivers, lofty mountains, colourful houses; Cuba is, undoubtedly, Caribbean’s most beautiful and diverse island. No wonder when Christopher Columbus discovered Cuba, he thought he had landed in the “Garden of Eden”.  If contrasts of culture, art and history interests you, you will be invariably drawn to Cuba whose tumultuous past has, often, been gracing the tabloids.

As far as seasoned tourists are concerned, they come here for a variety of reasons – from tours of world heritage sites to tobacco farms (remember, the famous Cuban Cigars!) to savour the sight of its gorgeous beaches, to make merry in its foot-tapping music and graceful dances.  Also, it helps that the natives are really the treasure of this island and are well-known for their beautiful creativity, lively culture, and welcoming hospitality.

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