Dangerous Staircases around the world that will give you the chills…

Dangerous Staircases around the world that will give you the chills…

Dangerous staircases
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Wondering what I’m talking about?

No, it isn’t some sport or freak adventure thing I’m daring you with, rather, something as simple as climbing (or descending) staircases!! Sounds like an everyday act right?

Ha! Check the thrilling staircases below and tell me which ones excites the daredevil in you..!

I dare you….!!!                                                                     

Half Dome, Cable Route, California

Half Dome, Cable Route, California
image source: Wikipedia

Gym-goers would know what it is like to run on a treadmill with inclination…breath-taking…well, quite literally! You will have to brave more or less a similar experience while you try to reach the peak of Yosemite Valley via a seven mile steep hike that requires you to climb up the rock face along a cable ladder for a good 400 vertical feet! Another thrilling part of this journey is the fact that you have to be lucky enough to snag one of the 300 hard-to-get daily permits available for Half Dome. Your reward? Absolutely scenic views of Yosemite Valley and the High Sierra!

Inca Stairs, Peru

Were the Inca fascinated by stairs? Or did their master architects love to add a ‘wow-factor’ to their creations? Well, whatever it was, they surely have given us the thrill of walking up a steep wall with a few stair-like slabs jutting out from the sides of the wall, and guess what, there is no handrail! Don’t feel shy of getting on your all-fours…it is apparently the only way to reach your destination…safe!


Statue of Liberty, New York City

The views of the happening city of New York come at a price, especially if you want to have a look out from Lady Liberty's crown! The only way to get there is via a cramped, 146-step double-helix spiral staircase with just six feet of head clearance. Talk about being claustrophobic! If you want to notch up the challenge a bit, try the entire flight of 377-steps all the way from the lobby!

Haiku Stairs, Oahu, Hawaii

The Haiku stairs are not nicknamed ‘Highway to Heaven’ for nothing! The 3922 steps are oh-so-scary that is it actually illegal to climb them. Guess what, it hasn’t deterred the daredevils - dozens a day - from making the trek up and down the steel steps, to catch a glimpse of the stunning views from top of Pu’u Keahi a Kahoe, a peak on the island of Oahu, Hawaii.

Florli Stairs, Norway

Want to make records of some sorts? Take a hike up the 4444 wooden steps (a whopping 2,427 feet up) that make up the longest wooden staircase in the world. Yes, I’m talking about the popular Florli stairway in Norway. If you can somehow endure the sharp descend, you shall be rewarded with eye-popping views and an experience that you could boast about to your friends.

Chand Baori Step Well, India

Try to keep your balance and sanity intact as you climb up/down the 3,500 narrow steps arranged in perfect symmetry, which descend 20m to the bottom of the Chand Baori Step Well in Rajasthan, India. It is one of the oldest stepwell in Rajasthan, and is considered to be among the biggest in the world. This incredible square structure is 13 stories deep, and lined along the walls on three sides are double flight of steps.  

Spiral Staircase in Taihang Mountains, China


Bad news for elderly adventure seekers – you have to be under 60 yrs. to climb up the 300ft spiral staircase that has been installed on the wall of the Taihang Mountains in Linzhou. Just looking at these stairs is enough to give anyone the jitters, but surprisingly, they attract a good number of tourists in China. If the idea of cruel winds lashing your face, the birds flying past, and the stairs creaking is your idea of adventure, ‘Spiral Staircase’ is the place to be!

Heaven's Gate Mountain (Zhangjiajie City, China)

There is no shortcut to heaven, and you would believe in that with all your heart when you climb the 999 gruesome steps of Heaven's Gate Mountain. To add to the adventure, just to get to the base of the staircase, you are required to take a cable car that climbs 4,000 feet, or a bus journey along a mountain road so twisting, that it’s been compared to a dragon’s back!