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Must-visit Destinations
For Muslim Travelers
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Shop at Chaandhanee Magu, visit Sultan Muhammad Masjid & dine at halal restaurants in the main island of Maldives.
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Meet the most hospitable people on the planet, visit the mausoleum of Khoja Ahmed Yasawi, and pray at mosques with golden domes.
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Treat yourself with a large variety of halal food, indulge in the local Islamic traditions, and shop at Osh Bazaar.
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Visit The Grand Istiqlal Mosque, numerous halal restaurants, Islamic schools, and fashion retailers.
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Jordan features the Tombs of twenty of the Prophet Mohammed’s companions, Cave of the Seven Sleepers, and striking Islamic art.
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Enjoy the Best Ramadan celebrations, Muslim-friendly holiday resorts and separate pools & beaches for men and women.
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Step into the world’s leading halal hub with Islamic museums, Muslim-friendly tours, halal food & prayer facility.
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With 15% Muslim population, Singapore offers halal food, beautiful mosques, and shopping areas like Malay Village & Arab Street.
Sri lanka
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Explore ethnic items at the Muslim markets in Kandy Province; relax at Muslim-friendly beaches.
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Take a halal food tour in Baku & Gabala, experience the great Islamic traditions, and relax at beautiful spa and hotel complexes.
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