Denver Airport: Home to a hundred conspiracies and more

Denver Airport: Home to a hundred conspiracies and more

Denver International Airport
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Some claim that the Denver International Airport is the new, secret headquarters used by the Illuminati, New World Order, Neo-Nazis, or Reptoids!

The largest airport in America by area, the Denver International Airport serves as an entry point to the Rocky Mountains.  Literally, a massive airport, there is something very weird and creepy about this airport which has been the talk of the town since it was opened to the public in 1995! The airport built over 53 square miles has given birth to several conspiracies, be it the insane ‘Swastika’ shape of the runways when seen from the air or the engravings on the murals, sculptures in an ‘alien’ language.

The question on all minds – Was the Denver International Airport really necessary?

This question that keeps the conspiracy theorists agog is was the Denver International Airport really necessary? Before DIA, the locals used the Stapleton Airport, about six miles away from Denver. Many locals argue that there was no need to build this airport within such a short distance. but the airport was built with some of the greatest mysteries hidden inside it. Delayed by over two years, the budget for the airport is said to have shot up by more than USD2 billion. There is no solid evidence or reasoning for where did this massive amount (USD 4.8 billion!) came from. Many unanswered questions and mysteries still persist regarding the DIA!

Tunnels and underground bunkers

Perhaps the most intriguing question is the presence of several tunnels underneath the airport which leads to nowhere! The airport is home to a number of tunnels, including a tram that goes between concourses and a failed automated baggage system. The automated baggage system— built at a massive cost and then never actually worked. Most of the workers claimed that, they were hired only for few months of duration. The airport authority let them go and hired a new group of workers! Workers claimed that the tunnels are so big they can fit buses, almost 3, 60,000 sq. foot in size. Why was this crazy system made when the airport doesn’t receive that much traffic even?

The horse statue

It’s really hard to deny the mysteries of DIA. One more addition to that is the “Blue Mustang”. Will you believe, if I say that this 32 feet and weight of 9000 pounds horse with its glowing red eyes already kill a man? Yes! Hard to believe but it’s true. This really scary, horrendous but imposing horse killed the man who made it. The creator, Luis Jimenez died in 2006 when a portion of the sculpture’s head broke off and smashed him that caused deadly injuries. Even now this sculpture welcomes you when you enter through the gates of airport. The residents of Denver believe that the horse is cursed!

Runway layout

Runway layout
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Take a second and look at the picture right above. Did you notice anything? After seeing and reading all of the conspiracies around the Denver airport, it should not surprise you that the runway is designed like a Swastika! This aerial view of the runways looks like the infamous Nazi symbol.

Weird murals

Now if you think all the above mysteries are weird… It gets even weirder; when you find there are several strange masonic symbols and apocalyptic paintings across the entire airport!

There are two murals, namely ‘Children of The World Dream of Peace’ and ‘In Peace and Harmony with Nature’, nice names right? But the actual pictures depicts something horrible, something like the end of the world. In first, you can see a big monster, dressed up in Nazi Uniform, holding an AK-47 and on the left, a crying lady holding her dead baby. Another picture depicts children wrapping weapons in their country flag and handling them to German boy. There is no message that depicts peace and harmony.

Bizarre words and symbols on the floor 

The airport has a series of strange markings on the floor. There are some mysterious words and symbols embedded on the floor throughout the DIA. The architecture on the floor depicts the sun and a black disk which appears as if it is being eclipsed. 

Gargoyles sitting in suitcases

Among all of the odd decor of Denver International Airport, the statue of an open suitcase intrigues one and all. Within this suitcase is a horned demon with its head in its hands. The symbolism of gargoyles at the DIA has always been a mystery. Nobody can really explain the reason of their presence, specifically on religious buildings.

Mosaic capstone

The Mosaic capstone on which a message for the people for Colorado in 2094, has been inscribed, is baffling. The inscriptions which appear to be in braille, with Freemason symbols on the boards, shows the airport was paid for by the New World Airport Commission. What exactly is the New World Airport Commission?

Anubis, God Of Death

The 26-foot statue of Anubis (ancient Egyptian god of death), outside Denver Airport is a part of Denver Art museum exhibition. What such a weird art installation at the airport?

The question remains as to what exactly is the story behind this behemoth of an airport?