DND! Hotels across the world offering “quarantine stay” packages

DND! Hotels across the world offering “quarantine stay” packages

Want to stay in isolation, but in a posh plae with room service? Try a hotel
Want to stay in isolation, but in a posh place with room service? Try a hotel!
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They say there’s a silver lining to every cloud. Well, the dark clouds of Coronavirus have cast a gloomy spell over the travel and hospitality sector. But even in these tough times, there are some hotels around the world, that are trying to see an opportunity amid the COVID-19 crisis. Their target audience is not the globe-trotting tourist, but guests and locals that are facing a long quarantine period and don’t mind shelling out the extra bucks for a comfy, cozy stay.

With occupancy rates having taken a plunging dive over the past few weeks, the unstoppable spread of the pandemic leaves a very bleak future for hotels in the upcoming weeks. Hence, this risky strategy to stay in business!

Here are some hotels around the world that are shifting gears according to the need of the hour.

Hotels across the world offering “quarantine stay” packages

Hong Kong

The Dorsett Wanchai, a “a 4.5 star hotel” in Hong Kong is offering a 14-day quarantine package stay costing about 89 USD (326 AED) per night. Guests who want to “self-isolate” in peace can book a “Premier Room” with a window that can be opened to let in fresh air – a rarity for the hotels in Hong Kong. The Dorsett chain is also offering 27-day package rates for rooms at nine of its hotels, with several floors set apart for its quarantined guests, who will be temperature-screened twice daily.
These hotels offering "quarantine packages" assure proper cleaning and hygiene practices. No direct interaction between guests and hotel staff, to minimize human contact and spread of the virus

Delhi, India

Five hotels in India’s capital city have been earmarked to be converted into quarantine facilities – the Red Fox, IBIS, Aloft, Holiday Inn and Pride Plaza, all of which are close to the international airport. These hotels are offering rooms to Category B travellers i.e. passengers coming from a Covid-19 affected country and/or having other diseases and/or over 60 years of age, yet not showing any symptoms. All precautions and provisions are in place in these hotels – three meals daily, access to WiFi and TV, designated hotel staff to cater to the isolated guests, 24x7 medical teams, and a waste management system – for INR 3,100 (150 AED) per day. As of 25th March, more than 602 people are using the quarantine facility, across 492 rooms of these hotels.

Want to stay in isolation, but in a posh plae with room service? Try a hotel
Want to stay in isolation, but in a posh place with room service? Try a hotel!


The Fairmont Singapore has nearly halved its room rates for those who want to avail them to seek refuge in these trying times - from 320 Singapore dollars (221 USD) to $110 plus tax and service per night.

South Korea

In South Korea, which currently has more than 8,000 coronavirus cases, 11 hotels (of which seven are in Seoul) have signed up to open their rooms to confirmed Covid-19 patients who are not very critical, as long as the government can shoulder the costs incurred.

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For those seeking luxury even in the midst of the Coronavirus crisis, there are hotels like the Le Bijou Hotel & Resort in Switzerland that’s offering luxury packages with quarantine facilities, including a Covid-19 test that would set you back by 500 USD (1836 AED). Le Bijo is part luxury hotel, part serviced apartment, that, in an attempt to tackle dropping revenues in March, came up with the “Covid-19 Service” that offers in-room Coronavirus testing, doctor visits and round-the-clock nurse care, hygiene-friendly perks like automated check-in with minimal human contact, apart from upscale, plush facilities. According to Alexander Hubner, the co-founder of the Le Bijou chain, they hit upon this idea, when they started receiving queries from people who wanted to stay in a posh facility, cook for themselves and have doctors on house calls, without having to go to the more public, local facilities.


The Novotel Sydney Brighton Beach, an Accor Hotels property, is offering a discount of 40% for extended stay bookings 14 nights or more to guests who want to self-isolate. Just a 5-minute drive from the Sydney Airport, the hotel has also thrown in several perks, including a complimentary room upgrade that have balconies with a view of the Botany Bay, an all-inclusive room service package and complimentary Wi-Fi & parking.

We hope these hotels and other players in the travel sector, manage to stay afloat in these difficult times! Meanwhile, advising all our readers and future customers to stay at home today, so that you can be healthy enough to travel later!